Week 8 Review

Week 8 is over, which means we are halfway through this magical fantasy football season. At this point, the race is shaping up for the owner belt, and with the trading deadline of November 23, the teams are almost in their final form. Here are this week’s owner standings.

  1. Bush  5128.8
  2. Corey 4581.84
  3. Jacob 4370.4
  4. Colton 4209.28
  5. Wilrd 4167.7
  6. JJ 4100.48
As you can see, thanks to a dominating lead in the records category and a solid lead in points, Bush remains at the top for the eighth week in a row. At this point, I see it as a one person race and it is Bush’s to lose. Bush is on pace to have all 4 teams in the playoffs, and is the only owner on this pace so that increases his odds in the playoff category. Bush will have a tough time not finishing strong this season with the way his rosters have been playing.
Week 8 Quick Hits
  • With a Montario Hardesty injury, Peyton Hillis will have an opportunity to come back in a big way next week after missing most of October with a hamstring injury. But thanks to the injury, Chris Ogbonnaya should be a waiver pickup this week, on the off chance he starts for Cleveland in week 9.
  • After 6 solid weeks, we may have written off last year’s injury prone Ryan Mathews. With an injury in his second straight game, I’m afraid this may just be Ryan Mathews. Tolbert should be back from injury this week after missing the game at KC, and if Mathews out Tolbert is a great play.
  • After some solid trades, I Kill for Pleasure is one of the teams on the way up. With Fred Davis coming out strong and looking like a top 5 TE, and solid performances from a strong RB duo in S Jax and MJD, this team should continue to improve.
  • After starting the season very strong, Don’t Stop Believing has seen a decline the past few weeks. With Stafford having some off weeks, Andre Johnson missing time, and recent injuries to Best, Ingram, and McFadden, I think this team still has time to improve when those players return healthy.
Weekly Matchups Preview in Review
After going 8-4 in week 7, I went 6-6 this week. What was I thinking taking Loser in the upset over Black Guy? First, we all know Wilrd’s teams play stellar defense and this week is no exception as Black Guy continues its reign as the team who has allowed the least points this year, accounting for a 7-1 record. White Power let me down, scoring a meager 41.5 against Scorgasms when I projected a 11 point victory by White Power. I blame that on Thomas and Ingram injuries that I hadn’t accounted for on Tuesday, and JJ not picking up a replacement defense or kicker. I know it’s hard to let go of that 22nd ranked Falcons D, JJ, but you’re letting me down here man. My most successful, and self-motivated pick of the week was taking The Order of the Phoenix over Lazy Frogs in a battle of solid teams. Great Success.
Check back here on Thursday for the weekly matchups preview.

One thought on “Week 8 Review

  1. yayyeeeeee!!! Black Guy defense so good, we running robbers and blitzing your hood! Try to run on us and our front seven will hit ya, throwing is no good either cuz our corners will pick ya. So say a little prayer and hope that you’re right, because if you make a mistake you’re in for a long night! Hollllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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