Week 9 Matchups Preview

Week 9, already. There are only 5 weeks left in Awesome’s regular season and 4 weeks left in The League’s, s,o I feel this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the playoff format of each league and preview some possible matchups. In Awesome, the playoffs start week 14 and there are 8 playoff teams. Matchups are one week long, with the championship taking place on week 16. We voted at the draft about playoff seeding, and the seeding will be based on points scored, as opposed to record, so the top 8 scoring teams advance to the playoffs. In The League, only 4 teams go to the playoffs and the playoffs start in week 13. The matchups will be two weeks long, instead of one, with the championship in week 16. Just like in Awesome, points scored determine seeding so the top 4 teams advance.

Awesome current projected playoff seeding

  1. Dirty Birds
  2. They Call Me Warrior
  3. I Am Man
  4. Black Guy
  5. I Got All Day
  6. Don’t Stop Believing
  7. Wow You Suck
  8. True Grit
The League current projected playoff seeding
  1. Bush’s Brodown Showdown
  2. Reaper Crew
  3. The Order of the Phoenix
  4. High Noon
So comment with any questions/concerns. Without further ado, here are the week 9 matchup previews.

Atlanta Black Crackers (3-5) vs. Dirty Pirate Hooker (2-6)

This matchup features two teams trending in opposite directions. Crackers have won their last two, while Hooker has lost 6 straight. Much of Crackers recent success has been on Cam Newton’s shoulders, and with Cam on bye this week, Crackers will struggle at the QB position. Hooker has Michael Turner in a very nice matchup against Indy coming off the bye, so I expect a big game from Turner to carry Hooker to a win.

88-75 Hooker

I Kill for Pleasure (3-5) vs. True Grit (4-4)

With both of these teams entering on a three game win streak, someone will have to end the other’s streak. I Kill’s RB2 spot doesn’t look very sexy with MJD on a bye, his options will be fairly slim and very ugly. True Grit’s RB position doesn’t look much better right now, but Grit has Boldin. Boldin has at least 10 points in his past three games and he’s facing Pitt. He had 74 and a td in week one when they played. Thanks to some rough matchups and byes for I Kill, I like True Grit to continue their streak in a close game.

86-80 True Grit

The Dirty Birds (5-3) vs. Wow You Suck (4-4)

Two top 7 teams face off here, both coming off of a win. The Dirty Birds have been the highest scoring team since week 1, but with some very inconsistent WR play and a hit or miss TE, I expect them to struggle here. Wow is a team that has just recently hit its stride, and with Frank Gore playing at such a high level, I expect Wow to win again this week and this matchup is my game of the week.

108-101 Wow

They Call Me Warrior (4-4) vs. Team Loser (2-6)

Warrior’s record doesn’t show it, but they have been on a hot scoring streak the past 4 weeks. Alternatively, Loser has lost in 4 straight weeks. ESPN’s projection for this matchup is an impressive 142.1-78.5 in Warrior’s favor. Loser is starting Matt Ryan at QB. I expect Ryan to rebound in the second half of the season, starting with this game, but that won’t help Loser through this one.

128-72 Warrior

Team Black Guy (7-1) vs. Don’t Stop Believing (5-3)

Based solely on record, these teams are the division leader, but neither of these teams is playing at their best this week. Black Guy will be missing Megatron with a bye and probably Bradshaw with a foot injury. Don’t Stop is missing DMC and Andre Johnson with injuries and Stafford is on bye, even though Eli vs. NE will make a solid replacement. Black Guy has faced a league low 78 points per game. That is 14 points below the league average. Call it defense or luck, it happens. Don’t Stop is a team I expect to play strong in the playoffs, but they will struggle this week against the daunted Black Guy defense.

86-69 Black Guy

All Day (5-3) vs. I Am Man (4-4)

After week 5, I Am Man traded away Adrian Peterson and Willis McGahee to All Day. Since that trade, I Am Man is 0-3 and All Day is 1-2. Neither team has benefited yet. Lucky for I Am Man, they face I Got All Day on the week that they do not have All Day, thanks to a bye week. Man is putting out the stronger lineup this week, and thank to some solid play from their elite WR core, I expect them to win this one.

106-94 Man


The League

Activated Trap Card (1-7) vs. Suck for Luck (1-7)

In this year’s Toilet Bowl, two 1-7 teams enter to do battle, both on a five game losing streak. Suck for Luck has no player to get too excited about, but Gates does seem to be fully back so at least there are the beginnings of something consistent for this team. Trap Card has AAARRROOONNN RRROOODDDGGGEEERRRSSS, and that helped this pick.

84-76 Trap Card.

Bush’s Brodown Showdown (5-3) vs. Favre Dollar Footlongs (4-4)

Brodown has to play this matchup without it’s RB and WR1 in MJD and Megatron. Footlongs is missing Stafford, but Fitzpatrick should be a fairly suitable replacement. Sadly for Bush, Matt Forte is facing a poor Eagle’s run D this week, so I expect a huge game to push Footlongs to a win, and to the favorite for the 4th playoff seed.

109-88 Footlongs

Death Eaters (3-5) vs. Lazy Frogs (5-3)

Death Eaters is back to almost full force as Roddy and Turner return from byes, but Bradshaw is questionable with a foot injury for Sunday. Lazy Frogs will probably still be missing Andre this week and is hoping to catch lighting in a bottle with another 3 td game from Plaxico. Lazy Frogs will struggle to score enough to keep up with Death Eaters, so this is my upset special.

98-78 Death Eaters

The Order of the Phoenix (7-1) vs. White Power (2-6)

The Order has won 5 straight games, and with their full lineup back this week, that streak should be safe. White Power lost last week, and thanks to injuries and byes, will have a hard time keeping up with one of the top 3 teams in the league.

107-74 Order

Multiple Scorgasms (4-4) vs. Reaper Crew (5-3)

Reaper Crew is currently the number two scoring team in the league, thanks to a big season from F Jax and AP. They’re missing AP due to a bye, but will be getting Blount back from missing a few weeks due to injuries. Phillip Rivers, who hasn’t played well all season and thus leads the NFL in turnovers, will be facing GB in week 9 so that doesn’t bode well for Scorgasm’s starting QB. I think Reaper Crew pulls this one out, these teams will keep it close, though.

111-104 Reaper Crew

Yes We Eh (4-4) vs. High Noon (7-1)

Both teams enter this game coming off of wins. Yes We Eh will be without possible fantasy MVP Cam Newton, and his sidekick Steve Smith. High Noon doesn’t look great at the WR spot, but its QB, RB, and TE make up for that, and will lead them to a win over a weakened Yes We Eh.

108-74 High Noon

Good luck in week 9, ladies.


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