Week 9 Review

With week 9 in the books, we are officially 9/16ths of the way through the season. As abnormal as this offseason was, the fantasy season has remained the same. There have been heartbreaks, there have been upsets, there have been crazy week, and there have been Sundays where JJ forgot to set his lineup. In the many ups and downs of a fantasy season, there has been one consistency this year, Bush’s dominance in the race for the owner belt. So far the standings are:

  1. Bush 5650.18
  2. Jacob 5191.84
  3. Corey 4967.68
  4. Colton 4771.46
  5. Wilrd 4691.82
  6. JJ 4521.6
Although the margin was decreased in week 9, Bush still holds a solid lead over the second place owner, and still is on pace for the most playoff entries with 4.
Here are my thoughts on week 9:
  1. Since this is obviously the most prevalent thought on my mind, I will address it first. Vick was halted by the Bears D last night and managed less than 10 fantasy points for the first time with the Eagles in a game that he has finished. The Bears had him contained in the pocket most of the night, and the Eagles play calling only helped that by using Vick mostly as a pocket passer with only 3 designed runs.
  2. Chris Ogbonnaya is terrible. With Hillis possibly out more time, and even suspected to go to the IR, Ogbonnaya will get his shot, but he proved last week that there was a reason he didn’t make the team in Houston. Cleveland also has Thomas Clayton, a four year NFL veteran with 17 total yards, so it will be interesting to see if they get him more involved. Either way, I’m staying away.
  3. Willis McGahee seemed to do okay with only one hand, much to Corey’s dismay as he was benched in both leagues since the Broncos listed him as questionable. There was nothing questionable about his performance against the Raiders as McGahee rushed for 163 yards and 2 td. With Tebow as the starter (however long that lasts), I see McGahee as a top 12 RB and UGA alum Knowshon Moreno as a no show.
  4. I really hope the Colts trade Peyton Manning if they go 0-16. Them takingcLuck and benching him to “learn” behind Manning for 4-5 years is my worst nightmare.
  5. Don’t Stop Believing scored 125 points, in large part due to Julio Jones’ monster game, on a week they were missing most of their starters due to bye or injuries. While I do not think that is the norm from Julio, I do think this team is a very good playoff team once McFadden, Andre, and Best return.
  6. I said to a few people early in the season that I thought Bush would win the belt, and I am sticking to that prediction, but it is nice to see that it is going to be at least some semblance of a competition so that the playoffs matter.
  7. The trade deadline for both leagues is Wednesday November 23 at noon, so if you’re unhappy with your team, you have two weeks from tomorrow to fix that.
  8. After going 6-6 in my picks in week 8, I went 8-4 this week. My worst pick of the week was taking Warrior over Loser. Silly me. Honorable mention to Don’t Stop Believing here as they overcome the once feared Black Guy defense.
Check here Thursday for the weekly matchups preview.

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