Week 10 Matchups Preview

Week 10 is here and the regular season is coming to a finish. For the rest of the weekly previews, I will include a playoffs preview showing matchups, if the season were to end today. These are in order of the bracket format (1v8, 4v5, 2v7, 3v6)

For Awesome(8 teams, starting week 14):

1. The Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4.  Team Black Guy vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

2. I Am Man vs. 7. Wow You Suck

3. Don’t Stop Believing vs. 6. I Got All Day


For the League (4 Teams, starting week 13)

1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. Team High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 3. The Order of the Phoenix

Here’s the weekly previews:


Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-6) vs. Team Black Guy (7-2)

Black Guy is coming off a heartbreaking loss to a Julio Jones led Don’t Stop Believing in week 9. This year, Aaron Rodgers has been the most impactful fantasy player and manages to keep Black Guy close to or ahead of every team they face. Dirty Pirate Hooker looked to be on the right track, scoring 101.7 in a win against Black Crackers. Even with Tebow in full force, Black Guy will pull out the win here thanks to A-Rod, but it should be close.

101-95 Black Guy

True Grit (4-5) vs. Black Crackers (3-6)

Crackers is coming off a competitive loss, thanks to Ben Tate. They are at the bottom of the league in scoring and call me crazy, but I don’t believe this is the league’s worst team. True Grit is coming off a loss, and a game that put them out of the playoff picture for the first time this season. With a RB duo of Pierre Thomas and James Starks, and a marginally more impressive WR crew, I think True Grit continues to lose this week as Crackers gets Cam back in a nice matchup against the Titans.

94-78 Crackers

Wow You Suck (5-4) vs. I Got All Day (5-4)

Corey is one of two owners playing their own team in this league this week (which won’t happen next year). Wow enters with a two game win streak and All Day on a two game losing streak. These teams are very evenly matched and I could see them pulling an upset in the playoffs as mid to lower seeds. All Day has Chris Johnson, who looked slightly resurgent last week. If he can continue improving, a match against Carolina would make him a great start, and I like him this week. I’m taking All Day here, but in a close one. This is my game of the week.

113-104 All Day

Don’t Stop Believing (6-3) vs. They Call Me Warrior (4-5)

In a matchup of two top five teams that was my runner-up for game of the week, Warrior enters on a two game losing streak to face a Don’t Stop team that reemerged as an elite last week. While I like what Don’t Stop was able to do last week, I still think injuries and inconsistent starters will hold them back here. Warrior lost a heartbreaker last week as Vick and Forte had less than stellar weeks. In matchups against Arizona and Detroit respectively, I fully expect them to jump back this week and lead Warrior to a win.

119-104 Warrior

Team Loser (3-6) vs. Dirty Birds (5-4)

Loser is coming off a great week thanks to Rivers and Reggie Bush. Dirty Birds is coming off a loss, and their 5-4 record doesn’t match their league leading scoring. I may be wrong, but even against StL I think a 9.4 projection for Ogbonnaya is a bit much. He showed last week his ability, or lack thereof, as an NFL RB. Birds’ RB duo of Rice and Fred Jackson will continue to shine here, in a win over Loser.

112-80 Birds

 I Am Man (5-4) vs. I Kill for Pleasure (4-5)

I Kill enters this game on an impressive four game win streak. After some beneficial trades, I Kill has been excellent and is now the 8 seed for the playoffs thanks in part to Big Ben’s excellent play the past 3 weeks (leading QB scoring over that time). Man is coming off a win, and even though it lost a few games in a row, has remained a constant top 4 team this year. Thanks to some questionable RB situations for Man, I’m going with I Kill in my upset special.

104-97 I Kill


The League

Suck for Luck (1-8) vs. Brodown Showdown (6-3)

Suck for Luck, entering on a six game losing streak, is coming into a matchup that probably won’t help that streak. Brodown (formerly Doo Doo Legs) has remained the top team all season, until last week. Brodown doesn’t have a glaring weakness anywhere on its team, the same can’t be said for Luck. While I think Luck is rebounding, albeit slowly, they aren’t going to be able to keep up here.

114-99 Brodown Showdown

Favre Dollar Footlongs (4-5) vs. Multiple Scorgasms (4-5)

Corey is playing against himself in both leagues this week, and even Joe Pa would call the cops about the shaft Corey is getting this week. (Too soon?).Like in the other league, Corey’s teams are evenly matched and I had a hard time picking this game. This pick game down to the WR position, and I give Scorgasms the nod there. But this will be very close.

106-104 Scorgasms

Lazy Frogs (5-4) vs. Yes We Eh (4-5)

Both these teams are coming off of a week 9 loss. During the week, Frogs traded away Ray Rice so it will be interesting to see how that plays out for Frogs. Yes We Eh has an elite WR crew and Cam Newton, and thanks to that standout advantage, I will pick them here.

112-91 Yes We Eh

Reaper Crew (6-3) vs. Order of the Phoenix (8-1)

These are both excellent teams top to bottom, and their records and top 4 scoring show that. Order enters on a 6 game winning streak and they have been hard to stop. Reaper’s high scoring recently has climbed them to the top scoring spot in the league. It is hard to spot a weakness or discrimination on either team to help this pick, but I’m going with The Order here thanks to Michael Vick, whom I feel has a monster game against Arizona. (Disclaimer: Possible writer bias). This is my game of the week, and very possibly a championship matchup preview.

133-131 Order

White Power (2-7) vs. Death Eaters (4-5)

White Power enters this on a two game losing skid, and thanks to no depth at WR or RB, I expect that to continue this week. Death Eaters has been improving recently and thanks to Felix Jones’ injury, they’ll get another unchallenged start from Demarco Murray. I’m taking Death Eaters here.

104-84 Death Eaters

High Noon (8-1) vs. Trap Card (2-7)

Both teams come into this matchup off of a week 9 win. Thanks to a great $0 Antonio Brown pickup, I think Trap Card is an improving team. High Noon ‘s record is in large part thanks to Lesean McCoy’s top RB play this season. While I like the RBs for Noon, the WR duo is lackluster and inconsistent. Even with a weakness, High Noon is still an elite team, and should not have a problem this weak.

114-108 High Noon


That’s it for this week’s preview. Good luck to everyone in week 10, and check back Tuesday for the week 10 review.


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