Week 10 Review

With week 10 in the books, the owner race has settled into a three-man race, unless one of the other owners makes a miraculous playoff run. Here’s how the standings look after Week 10:

  1. Bush 6075
  2. Jacob 5893.2
  3. Corey 5577.9
  4. Wilrd 5461
  5. Colton 5198.7
  6. JJ 4873.9
Bush holds strong at the top spot due to record, but his dominance in scoring has been compromised as Jacob surpasses him and Corey continues to gain ground on him.
With only 2-3 weeks of regular season matchups, we’re still in a race of shifting playoff seeding. Here is how the seeding and projected matchups for Awesome looks after week 10:
1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. Wow You Suck
4. Black Guy vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior
2. I Am Man vs. 7. I Kill for Pleasure
3. I Got All Day vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing
For the League:
1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. High Noon
2. Order of the Phoenix vs. 3. Brodown Showdown
Here are some thoughts on week 10:
  1. The trade deadline is Nov. 23 at noon. So only another week and a half for any trades.
  2. Ogbonnaya proved me wrong against a horrid Rams run defense. He had a solid outing, and with Hillis ruled out for week 11, he’ll get another shot.
  3. Ryan Mathews was once again mediocre. He still seems to be hurt, and with Tolbert getting plenty of carries, Mathews’ value stays hurt for the time being.
  4. Julio Jones followed a mega game in week 9 with less than one point in week 10 due to an injury suffered in practice over the week. He should be back next week, but I’m not expecting more of the week 9 Julio.
  5. For the second straight week, Vick has his worst fantasy game of the season and reportedly broke his ribs. He may miss time, but I imagine the Eagles will want him back soon, especially since they face the Giants this week.
  6.  I went 6-6 in my picks this week thanks to some upsets. I felt good about my game of the week picks since both ended up as close games.
Check back Thursday for the week 11 preview.

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