Week 11 Matchups

Week 10 has passed, and week 11 opens with Saint Tebow facing the Jets in a Thursday night matchup that I look forward to, and will most certainly be watching since I have NFL Network (real life humblebrag). Although I have to miss most of the games this weekend, since I will be occupied in Orlando (real life humblebrag), I  expect an interesting week as the playoff races, which I recapped in my tuesday column, come to a close. So here are the matchups for week 11.


They Call Me Warrior (5-5) vs. Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-7)

The shaft, indeed. With Warrior towards the top of the playoff seeding Hooker all but fully eliminated from the playoffs, this match has little to no bearing on the season aside from Warrior possibly sliding down a few seeds. Warrior will struggle with Vick and Maclin most likely out, and Arian on a bye. Hooker will be fielding the stronger lineup for this week,  so I am taking them as my upset special.

90-86 Hooker

Dirty Birds (5-5) vs. Don’t Stop Believing (6-4)

Dirty Birds’ season long reign on the top scoring spot looks to be coming to a close as Man has come within one point of Birds, and with Drew Brees out this week and some questionable WR, I expect that reign to end. Don’t Stop is once again fielding a struggling team, which I expect to end next week with Andre and maybe DMC returning. But this week, I’m taking Dirty Birds in a fairly low scoring match.

83-80 Dirty Birds

I Kill for Pleasure (4-6) vs. Wow You Suck (5-5)

Both of these teams, although coming off a loss, have been on a hot scoring streak recently. Both team’s RB have great matchups and their WR are fairly similar with Wow having the edge, so to decide this one I was looking at QB. I Kill will be starting a QB from the waiver wire, while Wow is starting Sanchez. I think the Sanchise could have a good game against the Broncos, so I’m taking Wow, fairly handily.

110-89 Wow

Team Black Guy (8-2) vs. True Grit (4-6)

Not too much stands out about this matchup. True Grit is a team that has had plenty of issues as of late and their scoring shows it. Black Guy has been a top 4 team most of the year thanks to the obvious fantasy MVP this year, Aaron Rodgers. This won’t be a pretty game, but I’ll take the team with A-Rod

85-76 Black Guy

I Got All Day (6-4) vs. Loser (4-6)

Everything went right for All Day last week as they scored over 140 points in a win and vaulted to the 3 seed. Loser has won two in a row against top 5 teams thanks to Reggie Bush coming out as a top 15 RB. While Loser has shown recently that it has some upset potential, All Day is for real and takes this one easily.

118-89 All Day

Black Crackers (4-6) vs. I Am Man (6-4)

Both teams enter this one off of a win, but I think Crackers’ win was regrettably more of a fluke, as they will continue their season-long struggle this week thanks to byes. Man has almost caught up to Birds for the one seed, and I expect them to overcome them this week. I’m taking Man here in a rout.

103-68 Man


The League

Multiple Scorgasms (4-6) vs. Suck for Luck (1-9)

Suck for Luck has done just that this year, and enters with a seven game losing streak, the longest this year. Scorgasms is coming off of two straight losses, and, although ESPN projections disagree, just has a stronger team than Luck. I like Luck to rebound some this week, but not enough for a win.

92-90 Scorgasms

Death Eaters (5-5) vs. Reaper Crew (7-3)

Another one gets the shaft here. Both teams are entering on a two game winning streak, and only one will leave with another win, and I think that team is…… Death Eaters. This game came down to the WR and Flex spots and I think Death Eaters is fielding the better players there. This is a bold pick, considering Reaper is the league’s top scoring team and both their RB have incredibly good matchups, but with Blount being no good win his team loses this year, and starting Jabar Gaffney, I think Reaper takes the L here. This one will be close though, and it is my game of the week.

106-103 Death Eaters

Trap Card (3-7) vs. Lazy Frogs (6-4)

Wilrd also gets the shaft this week (insert obligatory gay joke), especially with the win tear all his teams have been on lately. Neither team fields a noticeably impressive lineup here, but Trap Card does have the MVP. I’m taking Trap Card here thanks to the Mighty A-Rod at the helm.

91-84 Trap Card

Order of the Phoenix (8-2) vs. Favre Dollar Footlongs (5-5)

Footlongs is coming off a win, and Order is coming off of a close Monday night loss. The Order will likely be without it’s strongest players in Vick and Arian out. Footlong is fielding it’s full lineup and this could come down to how well McGahee plays. I’m taking Footlongs thanks to player woes for the Order.

106-90 Footlongs

Yes We Eh (4-6) vs. White Power (2-8)

Shaft. Both of these teams are coming in on losing streaks, and neither will field a great lineup here due to injuries and byes. Yes We Eh has the best thing going with a great WR trio. White Power has Tom Brady, but I’m not sure that even Tom can save them this week.

84-76 Yes We Eh

Brodown Showdown (7-3) vs. High Noon (8-2)

I am hereby declaring this week shaft week for the league. With 4/6 owners facing themselves, there could be some interesting shifts in owner points. Both of these teams have been winning teams all year and in the top 4 in scoring. Brodown has an impressive team after picking up Ray Rice prior to last week, and I’m not particularly fond of the lackluster group High Noon starts at WR so I am taking the Brodown here…. Why you disrespecting me bro?!

119-94 Brodown

That does it for week 11. I’ll be posting a late weekly review, if I post one at all, for week 11 since I will be out of town and predisposed Tuesday (real life humblebrag), so for all my loyal readers (both of you), check back next wednesday for a matchups/review combo special, if I do it… ya know, because of UNIVERSAL MF’n STUDIOS! xoxoxoxo


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