Week 12 Review

As week 12 ended, so did the regular season for The League. While The League begins the playoffs in week 13, Awesome has one more regular season matchup with playoffs beginning week 14. As we head into one of the playoffs and the last week of the other regular season, let’s look at the owner standings:

  1. Bush 7168.1
  2. Jacob 7007.7
  3. Wilrd 6714.8
  4. Corey 6692.2
  5. Colton 6133.5
  6. JJ 5761.9

As you can see, Bush still holds the lead he has held since Week 1. While Jacob has gained ground and Wilrd has done some winning recently to catch up, Bush still holds a fairly strong lead. The playoffs will be a crucial factor in the owner standings as the champ will get all his points and wins from the playoffs, second place will get half of their points and wins, and third place (the team that scores the most in the playoffs) will get all of their points. For the teams that do not place, there will be no owner ranking points in the playoffs, but considering the third place bonus it is important to continue to be active.  Based on a league okay, in the case of one of JJ’s teams reaching the playoffs (Don’t Stop), I will assume control of that team and set lineups *IF* JJ continues his leave of unexplained absence from the league. Since the playoffs are factored into owner points, I don’t want any one team to have an easy matchup just because a lineup was not set or an owner wasn’t active. On the same subject, I will consider this post a warning for said inactive owner. This is two weeks in a row without lineups set. The third will be a third strike and we will find a replacement owner for the redraft league. Obviously we don’t want it to be that way, but this is not the first time this has happened.  That’s all for the miscellaneous business portion of the review.

So with week 12 over, let’s look at final playoff seeding and the week 13/14 matchups for The League.

1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 3. The Order of the Phoenix

I’ll be previewing these matchups in the weekly previews post. Remember in this league, the playoff matchups are two weeks long (Weeks 13/14 and 15/16). Once again, seeding is based on points scored in the regular season, not record.

Here are the projected matchups for Awesome after week 12. Playoff matchups will be set after week 13. These are arranged in bracket order.

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4. I Got All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing

2. Black Guy vs. 7. Wow You Suck

So since there was not a matchups preview for week 12 ( ya know, Orlando and stuff), I don’t have much to review here, but a few things around the league stuck out.

  • JJ not setting his lineups (again) and his teams combining for 311.3. With a little more activity, JJ would have some good teams and be higher in the owner rankings.
  • I’ve decided that Wilrd is the Tebow of our leagues. In the past 3 weeks his teams are 9-3, and one of those losses was to himself. This week, Lazy Frogs goes off and scores the most this season by a team in The League. That happens when your kicker scores 23.
  • Corey actually set his lineups this week and scored 293.9. His teams have been hot and cold this season, and this week was a cold one. I still think Wow is his best team, and they are scary as a 7 seed.
  • Coming into the Monday night game, Hooker had almost a 30 point lead over Dirty Birds. Birds had Brees and Moore and Hooker had Nicks. Call me biased, but I was expecting Hooker to pull that one out. But, with the way Bush’s season has gone, and continues to go, Brees and Moore combine for almost 56 points. All that to say this, Bush has to win that belt. The fates have decided.
  • Suck for Luck effing won this week. Hell yeah.

So that’s what I saw in week 12. See you here Thursday for the weekly preview (including playoff previews for the league).



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