Week 13 Matchups

Here we are at week 13. The final week of regular season play, at least for Awesome. I’ll preview this weeks matchups for awesome, and the playoff matchups for the league. For the 8 teams not good enough to make the playoffs, I won’t preview matchups, but instead will do a playoff preview for each team and discuss the team and their chances to win the third place spot.

Here are the week 13 matchups for Awesome:

Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-9) vs. I Got All Day (8-4)

These teams enter as polar opposites, with All Day on a three game win streak and Hooker enters on a three game losing streak. As I mentioned in my week 12 review, All Day heads into the week as the 4 seed for the playoffs. All Day will probably not have All Day again this week due to an injury, but they do have Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson had a season high 190 yards rushing last week against TB and I expect him to continue that with another good week, albeit to a lesser extent, against the Bills. Hooker has Tim Tebow, and both Panthers’ RB starting, need I say more? Last time these teams played, All Day won 112-69. I’m taking All Day here.

104-82 All Day

True Grit (4-8) vs. Dirty Birds (7-5)

The owner points leader faces himself here. Dirty Birds is the top scoring team in the league, and True Grit is a team that has been trending down since some trades have gone awry. Stevie Johnson had a nice outing last week, on True Grit’s bench, and seems to be back on the right track. A monster week from Brees and Lance Moore saved Dirty Birds from a close game against Hooker last week. While I expect less out of Brees and Moore this week, I expect much less out of True Grit. Last time these teams played, Grit won 69-67, I expect different results this time.

88-71 Dirty Birds

Loser (5-7) vs. Crackers (5-7)

In the 2011 Awesome League Toilet Bowl, the two lowest scoring teams face off to end the season in week that could have top draft pick implications. Regrettably, Crackers lineup has not been set since they made a solid trade pickup two weeks ago and I don’t expect them to be set this week, much to Loser’s draft pick dismay. Loser’s players have some nice matchups this week so I expect a nice week scoring from Loser. Last time they played, Crackers won by 30. That won’t happen again with two open roster spots. Crackers, I am disappoint.

102-61 Loser

They Call Me Warrior (7-5) vs. I Am Man (7-5)

The last time Warrior played I Am Man, Warrior scored 150 points and won by 65. While I love the WR Warrior is playing this week, I don’t see 150 again. With Vick and Maclin out again, Warrior will be rolling with Vince Young and Shonn “I never get a goal line carry” Greene. The Bears seem to have forgotten Matt Forte the last three weeks, and his fantasy points show it, but I expect somewhat of a revival game here. I’m not fond of the RB on Man, but their QB stands out this week as I expect a monster game from Brady against his hated, and currently terrible, Colts. Call me biased, but I question the ESPN projection of 11.1 for Pettigrew and 5.8 for Gates. Regardless of questionable TE projections, I like Man here.

114-106 Man

Don’t Stop Believing (6-6) vs. I Kill for Pleasure (5-7)

Don’t Stop is coming in with a three game losing streak, thanks in part to injuries/byes, but no lineup moves or free agent pickups could also be to blame here. Demarco Murray has been great for Don’t Stop, and his touches show that Felix is no more than a handcuff now. I like a big week from Demarco against Arizona, but I’m not sure that’s enough for the Don’t Stop win. I’m not fond of the matchups for I Kill’s RB, and their WR are very hit-or-miss, but I don’t see Don’t Stop having a better week. I do like D Jax this week, if he decides to catch the ball when Vince hits him. I Kill won 90-68 last time these teams played. I’m taking I Kill here in a “upset” special.

96-79 I Kill

Wow You Suck (6-6) vs. Black Guy (9-3)

This is a matchup of two playoff teams, and a possible round 1 game. Black Guy had a nice week last week, but lost a close game to I Am Man. Victor Cruz has been the best WR in fantasy for the past 5 weeks as he has become Eli’s go to deep ball target. Black Guy also has A-Rod, Megatron, and Gronk who are all the number 1 at their respective positions. Other than those guys, Black Guy has some holes at RB/Flex but has managed to overcome them this season as they’re currently the 2 seed for the playoffs. I’ve been outspoken about my feelings on Wow and I still think they are the scariest lower seed team in the playoffs.  Wow’s RB could put up huge numbers this week, but I worry about Bowe with Palko at QB. It’s hard to pick against the team with the league’s best record, but I’m taking Wow in my game of the week.

112-104 Wow

That’s it for Awesome’s preview. I don’t expect many changes in the playoff race this week, but this is it for the regular season, so we’ll see Tuesday when week 13 finalizes.

The League:

The League starts their playoffs in week 13. Just so everyone knows, the seeding in the “Scoreboard” section on ESPN is incorrect. The actual seeding, based on scoring, is:

  1. Reaper Crew
  2. Brodown Showdown
  3. Order of the Phoenix
  4. High Noon

Those teams will be the four competing for first and second place in the championship game weeks 15 and 16. Here are the matchups previews, non playoff team previews, and my early picks. I will preview and predict the playoff games this week, but I will also review them next Thursday.

1. Reaper Crew (8-4) vs. 4. High Noon (9-3)

Thanks to a midseason scoring surge and a hot start from Fred Jackson, Reaper Crew finds themselves in a favorable matchup to start the playoffs against High Noon. High Noon has had a nice season, scoring the fourth most points in the league, but a league high 9-3 record is helped by having the second least points allowed all season. Brees, Lesean, and the Ravens D have carried High Noon all season, but I question how far a WR/Flex group of Moore, Manningham and Tolbert can carry them. As of right now, it appears Reaper will start the playoffs without Fred Jackson, who is now on the IR, Adrian Peterson, which has a chance to put them down after week 13. Spiller was average in Jackson’s place last week, as was Gerhart in Peterson’s (although a TD helped his scoring). Like I said, Reaper Crew fell into a favorable matchup,as I feel either of the 2 or 3 seed teams would likely beat them with AP out. But, thanks to questionable depth for High Noon, I expect Reaper to edge out this week and move to the championship.

190-184 Reaper

2. Brodown Showdown (8-4) vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix (8-4)

Brodown led the league in scoring most of the season, until about week 8 when they slowed down. With Ray Rice and Calvin Johnson as their team MVP, they have remained solid all year through ups and downs from Fitzgerald and the RB position. Some of their players, including Reggie Bush, Gonzo, Big Ben, and even Megatron, have slowed down through the season and that could prove problematic in the playoffs. The Order was a top 4 team all season thanks to Vick, Arian Foster, and Greg Jennings. They certainly slowed down through the lack of production from Stevie Johnson and the sub-par or absent games from Michael Vick. Against personal bias, I am taking Brodown here in a high scoring matchup, but I expect the loser to be in the running for third place.

216-209 Brodown

As for the third place race, I think it is a toss up between 4 non playoff teams, and the two losing first round playoff teams. Footlongs, Lazy Frogs, Death Eaters, Trap Card, Order, and High Noon will all be competing. I think it will come down to The Order and Footlongs, but thanks to ridiculous playoff matchups for The Order’s RB, and perhaps personal bias I suppose, I’m taking the Order.

So my Championship game projection is Brodown vs. Reaper Crew. I’ll preview these matchups each week as they happen, but my early pick for the Championship is Reaper Crew, with Brodown in second, and The Order coming in third.

Check back here Tuesday for the weekly review to see how wrong I was.


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