Week 13 Review

I’m going to make this post semi-quick today. First, let’s look at the playoff matchups for Awesome:

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4. All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing

2. Black Guy vs. 7. WoW You Suck

So there are the matchups, based on points scored in the regular season. On ESPN, the seeding won’t be correct, but these are the official ones so the matchups will be correct each week.

The League had its first week of the playoffs. Here’s how they are going:

1. Reaper Crew (91.5) vs. 4. High Noon (125.1)

2. Brodown Showdown (119.5) vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix (104.9)

All 4 of these teams got off to a nice start in the playoffs, but with the four seed High Noon starting the strongest. Reaper Crew gets AP back this week, but it is going to have a hard time catching up from a 34 point deficit. The Order kept it close, but Brodown still pulled out a 15 point victory. If Bush does pull out both of these wins in round 1, it almost guarantees that he wins the owner belt. That’s a good transition to looking at the final regular season owner standings.

  1. Bush 7461.4
  2. Jacob 7393
  3. Wilrd 7112.1
  4. Corey 7014.1
  5. Colton 6311.7
  6. JJ 5927.5

As I mentioned before, with a solid lead bush would lock down the belt if he managed to get first and second place points in the league.

Come back Thursday for the Awesome playoff previews and a longer post.


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