Week 14 (PLAYOFFS?) Preview

That’s right gentlemen. We’re talking about playoffs. With week 14 comes the Awesome, and more important for history purposes, playoffs. Before we look at this week’s games for Awesome. Let’s check the playoffs in The League:

1. Reaper Crew 91.5 vs. 4. High Noon 125.1

High Noon got off to a hot start in week one of this two-week matchup. High Noon was helped to a 125 point game with big weeks from Brees, Lesean McCoy, and surprisingly Rashard Mendenhall. Reaper Crew had a solid week, but with Blount putting up a dud and none of his players scoring big, 91 points wasn’t enough to keep up with High Noon. Last week, I predicted this game to end 190-184 in Reaper’s favor. While I was correct in predicting that Reaper might struggle, I was wrong about High Noon. With almost a 30 point lead, I don’t know that Reaper can pull this one out even though, once again, I don’t expect much from High Noon. But, with the way Brees is playing recently, it is hard to pick against High Noon to hold onto their lead.

209-197 High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown 119.5 vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix 104.9

Both of these teams had good weeks in week 13, but Brodown had the better week. Brodown’s score can be misleading though. With 30 from Ray Rice and 30 combined from the K and DST, his score looked great, but most of his other players were average last week. Alternatively, Order’s RB and WR all played fairly well but with their QB, TE, DST, and K combining for a meager 20 points. I expect Order to put up a very good fight for this game with Vick returning this week and, although projections disagree, a very nice matchup for Witten against NYG. While I expect Reaper to outscore Showdown this week, Showdown may prove too strong for Reaper to close that 15 point deficit. I predicted 216-209 Brodown last week and I still stand by that prediction.

216-209 Brodown

Here are the current top 3 standings for the third place race in the league. I left current playoff teams off the list because we aren’t sure who will be first and second, and because two playoff teams would be top 3. I predicted Order to win third place in last week’s preview. Remember third place is the team that scores the most points in the playoffs, but does not finish first or second.

  1. White Power 132.2
  2. Suck for Luck 105.8
  3. Yes We Eh 99.8

Now as all you readers are of keen mind you will no doubt have noticed Bush is projected for first and second place in the league. If this happens, Bush almost certainly locks down the belt for 2011.

Here’s the playoff preview for Awesome:

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

Dirty Birds led the league in scoring for most of the year and has remained fairly dominant throughout. While Dirty Birds is still a solid team, it has declined since the beginning of the season thanks to losing Fred Jackson and the slow disappearance of Steve Smith. Heading into the playoffs, I question Birds’ ability to go far because of inconsistent WR play and Bush still playing Scott Chandler at TE -___- I Kill has been up and down throughout the year and has been down some recently and dropped to the 8 seed. MJD is the strongest player I Kill has and that type of RB can lead a playoff drive, but I question the big game ability of the rest of his players through the playoffs. I wanted to choose I Kill this week, but I worry about the ever-possible Vincent Jackson no-show and, more importantly, the Rams offense right now killing S Jax. I’m taking Dirty Birds here thanks to Drew Bress, but close.

92-89 Dirty Birds

2. Black Guy vs. 7. Wow You Suck

I’ve said for a few weeks that I thought Wow would be a scary team to face in the playoffs. We saw what they can do last week as they scored 118.3 points, albeit in a loss to Black Guy who scored 123. Aside from, the now irrelevant, Dwayne Bowe, Wow may be the strongest team in the league top to bottom, especially at RB with Gore, Lynch, and McCoy. Their main weakness is a solid QB. Sanchez has been a top 12 guy all season, but a top 5 QB would make Wow the favorite for the title. Speaking of top QB, Black Guy has been led to a two seed this year thanks to one Aaron Rodgers who is easily this season’s fantasy MVP. Second-place for that MVP would be Rob Gronkowski, also on Black Guy. Having Megatron and the hottest WR in fantasy, Victor Cruz, has also helped. Even with a very ugly trio at RB and Flex, it is hard to pick against Black Guy. I picked Wow last week and Black Guy got an insane game from Pierre Garcon. I know better this time.

109-104 Black Guy

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing 

Man has been a top team most of the season. Ryan Mathews’ resurgence and Greg Jennings’ consistency will be an important factor in the playoffs. I worry about Mike Wallace’s recent play and the underperforming Pettigrew in the playoffs. (On another note, WTF ESPN?! Last week you project Pettigrew for 11.1, he scores 1.3. So what do you do this week? 11.3? Again? Are you effing kidding me? Sigh,). Don’t Stop has been decimated by injuries and lackluster ownership this year so I think their playoffs end here.

109-88 Man

4. All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

All Day enters the playoff on a four game winning streak, thanks in large part to the return of CJ2K. Jordy Nelson and Jimmy Graham have been essential to all day’s success this season, especially in recent weeks as they climbed to a 4 seed. Warrior had a strong midseason, but has been all but eliminated recently. Vick returns this week, but Forte is likely out for the rest of the fantasy season after a knee injury in week 13. Both of these teams are strong teams. Warrior’s WR trio looks strong but I worry about Brandon Lloyd with both Bradford and Feely likely out this week. But you can never underestimate Vick and Arian who have all the potential to combine for 60 points. For All Day, I’m concerned with McGahee this week against Chicago, but I think CJ2K continues his solid play against NO where he could rack up receiving yards late. Ultimately this game will come down to how the WR play for Warrior, but I am skeptical of their ability. I’m taking All Day here.

112-106 All Day


So after the first playoff week, I have the top 4 seeds advancing (which is highly unlikely). I’ll go ahead here and predict the final standings for the playoffs. In round 2, I think All Day will defeat Dirty Birds and Man will lose a close game to the Rod/Gronk tag team. In the finals, I have to go with Black Guy again. The influence of A-Rod and Gronk has been profound this season and quite honestly, I think whatever team had Gronk would be in the finals because of how dominant he has been at his position. Having A-Rod is the icing on the cake. So All Day comes in second, and I will take Wow for third place.


Good luck in round 1 loyal readers, and check here Tuesday for the weekly review.


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