Week 15 Matchups Preview

Every fantasy football season has it’s triumphs and it’s heartbreaks. Week 15 means only 2 weeks left in this fantasy football season. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the heartbreaks and triumphs from the 2011 fantasy football season.


  • Jamaal Charles’ ACL in week 2 putting a disappointing end to an exciting player’s season.
  • Michael Vick being picked 8 overall in Awesome.
  • Chris Johnson going from CJ2k to CJ1k to CJareyouOk?
  • Black Crackers ending the season as the worst scoring team thanks to three straight weeks of lineup ignorance.
  • Last year’s “Owner Champion” taking an impressive first to almost worst fall.
  • JJ being JJ again. We can only hope this doesn’t happen next year.
  • WOW’s terrible end to a season thanks to Ryan Grant.
  • Rob Gronkowski not drafted in either league
  • Last, but in no way least, the probable death of the keeper league. Unless a majority of the owners wish to keep playing the keeper league next year while also playing awesome and the new dynasty league, the keeper will die after two short years.Triumphs:
  • DeMarco Murray, while it lasted.
  • The strange emergence of every team’s WR2 being better than their WR1. (Victor Cruz, Jordy, Garcon, Laurent Robinson, Torrey Smith)
  • Wilrd owning A-Rod and Gronk in both league’s and not managing to lead either league in scoring. (It’s a triumph for 5/6 of us)
  • Rob freaking Gronkowski
  • AJ Green. The UGA receiver proved that the Falcons should be very angry at the Bengals for backing out of a draft day trade at the last second.
  • Michael Vi…. sorry wrong section. -__-
  • Most important here, the underdog story. Two ago, Adam Wayne Bush joined Awesome just for kicks and amusement with pals. Fast-forward to now and the ruthless High Noon himself has taken 2011 by storm raping and pillaging all along the way. Hats off to Adam as he enjoys this season, and the Owners belt that will surely come with it.

Now to what you all came for, the matchups preview. In week 15 The League will begin round 2 of the championship with Mr. Bush holding both teams in the final.

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 4. High Noon

In my preview of round 1, I picked High Noon to lose to Reaper. While they proved me wrong, I still am not high on High Noon. Having experienced firsthand what Brodown can accomplish. High Noon has the top 2 players in this matchup in Brees and McCoy, but Brodown is stronger overall and I see them finishing this matchup as the winner.

212-191 Brodown

My original picks were Reaper in first, Brodown in second, and Order in third. Losing Greg Jennings may have ended Order’s chances for third and it looks like a 3 way race between White Power, Trap Card, and Reaper. Thanks to 2 players, I’ll take Trap Card to pull out third.

Awesome will play round 2 of their playoffs in Week 15. After a couple of upsets in week 1, I find these matchups a bit less compelling. Three of the teams that lost in round 1 were, in my opinion, top 4 teams so it was hard to watch them have to exit early. That being said, playoffs always seem to make themselves interesting.

8. I Kill for Pleasure vs. 4. I Got All Day

All Day had the best scoring round 1 of any team, but I Kill was a close second. I Kill pulled the upset over Dirty Birds in round 1 thanks to big games from MJD and Antonio Brown. All Day managed over 130 whil getting almost no help from CJ and McGahee who only combined for 10 points last week. I do not expect that this week as McGahee gets NE and, more importantly, CJ faces the Colts. I expect I Kill to get a nice game from Felix this week, but MJD may have limited upside against a dangerous Atlanta run defense. I Kill had a nice round 1, but I think All Day gets by this one and advances to the Championship.

116-97 All Day

6. Don’t Stop Believing vs. 2. Black Guy

Thanks to a fortuitous matchup against the lowest scoring team and one of Julio Jones’ random great games, Don’t Stop sneaked through round 1 to the semi finals. I don’t have much to say about this game. Thanks to a depressing season of injuries for Don’t Stop with the Murray injury last week putting the nail in the coffin, I expect an easy week for Black Guy here. Black Guy has A-Rod and Gronk and it does not seem to matter who they start elsewhere with the season those two are having.

114-81 Black Guy

To recap, in my Playoffs preview, I picked Black Guy to defeat All Day in the finals and Wow to come in third place. I think my finals matchup will take place, but with All Day’s recent play and the need to avenge for Wow, there could be an upset. I picked Wow for third place and right now it is between them, Warrior, and the loser of the I KIll/All Day game.

Thanks to a timely trip home and a week of work, there most likely won’t be a Week 15 Review or a finals preview. Good luck to those of you lucky enough to compete in week 15, and check back here after week 16 for the super-sized season in review and the final standings for owners points.


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