2011 Review Spectacular

Week 16 of the NFL is over, and with its end comes the end of the 2011 fantasy football season. First off, a congratulations are in order for the two league champions, Team Black Guy and High Noon, and for the Owner Championship winner Bush. In this post, I will review the playoffs and announce the final owner standings, give some season awards to players and fantasy teams, and look forward to next season.


Week 16 was the last week of the fantasy playoffs. As I have already listed each league’s winners, let’s look at all teams that placed.

In Awesome, Black Guy finished up a fine season with a strong playoff run that can be summarized by the word RodGronkMegaCruz. In the finals, he handily defeated an All Day team that was finished when Romo left the game after two pass attempts. I predicted this matchup, and this result, in my playoffs preview for Awesome. In a not-so-surprising way, Dirty Birds ended the playoffs as the third place team (highest scoring team not in the finals). Dirty Birds led the league in scoring and had an early playoff exit thanks to a big week from I Kill. Third for Birds only further cemented Bush’s impressive season.

There is a bit less to say about the finals matchup in The League. High Noon entered the playoffs as a four seed and, thanks to a fluky record-breaking touchdown from some guy named Brees, pulled the 0.5 point win over Brodown Showdown. My first inclination was to be angry at Bush for not setting Brodown’s lineup (which would have got him the win) then I realized he had the privilege of facing himself and realized it was not even necessary -_-. In an surprising turn of events, White Power led The League in non-finals team scoring over the four week playoffs to get third place.

Owner Standings

Here’s a look at the final standings for the Owner Championship Belt:

  1. Bush 8686- Not much to say about this season for Bush. His teams were dominant throughout and he even got a chance to beat himself in one league championship. There were a few weeks mid-season where Jacob and Corey pulled close but he ran away with it in the finals. I think there would be no debate that Bush deserves this title after this season.
  2. Wilrd 7812- Easily the biggest mover throughout the season, Wilrd jumped from six to two and everywhere in between through the season. Thanks to owning two of the best players in fantasy this year in Rod and Gronk, his scoring stayed average but he led a strong win streak after week 7 to finish the regular season in third place. Black Guy helped him out by winning the Awesome championship to move him to second place. Wilrd was certainly the “Tebow” of this season as some questionable (or ridiculously silly) starts led to some wins but there is no discounting the last 6 weeks for Wilrd as his teams were all steady and led to a solid second place finish.
  3. Jacob 7393- Although the Stubborn Mister Roto led owners in scoring heading in the playoffs, playoff impotence led to shooting blanks and a third place finish. All jokes aside, injuries and some playoff no-shows led to nothing doing in the playoffs and a win from Wilrd led to the drop to third place. Third place was certainly nothing to scoff at this season when all you could do was hope to come in second behind Bush.
  4. Corey 7364- There is something to be said about consistency and Corey is the best at it. His teams stayed solid all season long and, moreso than any other owner, Corey sticks to his players. Although he was unable to pull out a great playoff run, All Day was solid and finished in second place in Awesome to keep Corey in a very close 4th place in the owner standings.
  5. Colton 6311.7- With an impressively unlucky points against and terrible record, there was not much going on here. This dashing, intelligent, and good looking owner can’t be great every season and this was certainly a low. With two high-seeded playoff teams, he came out with nothing to show for it and hence you have the large gap from 4th to 5th place. Many things can be said about a mediocre to bad season but most importantly screw Lesean McCoy.
  6. JJ 6103- With a little more desire to win and perhaps a freaking alarm clock, JJ could have fared much better this season. Although he had some injury issues, none of his teams were helpless. Having Cam in both leagues should have led to a better than sixth place finish. Maybe next year JJ will learn to be active and make roster moves/set lineups… Right?….. Right??

2011 Awesome Fantasy Football Awards

2011 had its ups and downs for many players but we are here to celebrate those who excel, those who were the best (and worst) this season.

Best Kicker: Screw the Kicker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYvkgJYWCus

Best D/ST: 49ers. They are the obvious pick, but there is something nice about being able to consistently rely on your DST to score 10-15 points every week. Honorable Mention: Lions.

Best TE: Rob MF’n Gronkowski… Enough said.

Best WR: Victor Cruz. I know you say Megatron and that’s fine, but Cruz was undrafted in basically all leagues, finished third among WR, and from weeks 3-14 was the best fantasy WR. Honorable Mention: Jordy Nelson.

Best RB: Lesean McCoy. I do not like him, but there’s zero debate here. With 20 td and better consistency than any other RB, McCoy finished as the number one RB. Honorable Mention: Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch

Best QB: Aaron Rodgers. With one game less than 21 points, no one else did more for their fantasy owners in 2011 than A-Rod. Honorable Mention: Cam Newton. Undrafted. 14 effing rushing td.

Bust of 2011: Chris Johnson. Although he wasn’t terrible ALL season, he was most of it. To have been the second most expensive auction player, and a top 3 pick, there was no bigger bust this season. Dishonorable mention: Rashard Mendenhall. A preaseason top 8 RB who barely made the top 20. Yuck.

Fantasy Rookie of the Year: Cam Newton, duh.

Mr. Comeback: Darren Sproles. In SD, Sproles was not very fantasy relevant. In NO in 2011, Sproles finished as the 12th best RB.

2011 Fantasy MVP: There are plenty of great choices here. From a surprising rookie QB to undrafted WR to a RB with 20 TD to a WR who was on pace to break Moss’ TD record to a QB who threw for 5,000 yards, but in my opinion there was no one who separated from their position and made teams win than my fantasy MVP. Rob freaking Gronkowski. In a bad season for the TE postion, Gronk finished 92 points ahead of the third best TE. With 1200 yards and 16 total TD, Gronk had by far the best TE season of all time. An undrafted (in our leagues) TE who played like a top 20 overall player. Quite valuable.


Best Fantasy Team: Dirty Birds. Thanks to owning Brees and McCoy, Birds led all fantasy teams in points per game this season and even through some injuries held that spot almost all season. Honorable Mention: Black Guy. Factoring the playoffs, Black Guy led all teams in scoring.. and had RodGronk.

Worst Fantasy Team (Award Disclaimer: Only non-JJ teams) : Team Loser. Thanks to a trade gone south (I ❤ Arian), Loser struggled all season to pull anything out even though it had some nice times with Helu, Reggie, and Wes Welker. If JJ sets lineups all year, Loser finishes lowest in scoring and has top pick next year. Honorable Mentions (disqualified): Crackers and White Power

Best Pickups of the Year

Awesome: Ryan Grant. This may be a confusing pick, but Black Guy picked up and started Grant over Ced Benson in round 1 of the playoffs and won thanks to a long Grant TD. As crazy as this pick was, it changed who would win the championship.

The League: Rob Gronkowski. Darn my (former) principle of not owning players in both leagues.

Looking Ahead

Thanks to new interests, The League will (most likely) be dropped next year in favor of a twelve team dynasty league with 12 different owners. We will still keep Awesome and, pending league vote, the owner belt will be given to the Awesome champ each year. Hope everyone enjoyed the season, the blog updates, and the awards. Congrats again to Bush. Peace out homies.


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