Dynasy Veterans Draft Early Top 60

Sometime in the summer, we will start our dynasty league. The dynasty, for the inaugural year, will have a veterans draft (20 rounds) followed by a rookie-only draft (2 rounds). Today I am doing a (very) early look at the top 60 (5 rounds) picks,in my opinion, of the veteran draft. First, my logic. In this draft, and with the changing landscape of the NFL, I will probably overvalue a great QB. Guys like Rodgers and Brees will be very valuable in a dynasty when you can circulate more fluid positions like RB and WR through the years. I’ll obviously value younger and less injury prone RB and WR over some solid recent players. These rankings are in an overall format, as opposed to a mock draft format, so I will be listing a top 60 instead of a round by round look at players. I’ll interject periodically to discuss players and groups of players.

  1. Aaron Rodgers- I personally think you’d be crazy to take anyone else here.
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Tom Brady- *I considered going lower with Brady and Brees due to age but to get 5 solid years of them is still better than any other QB in my opinion.
  4. Matthew Stafford- As long as he has Calvin Johnson, yes.
  5. Arian Foster
  6. Lesean McCoy
  7. Ray Rice
  8. Ryan Mathews
  9. Calvin Johnson
  10. Cam Newton
  11. Larry Fitzgerald
  12. Maurice Jones-Drew- So hypothetically this was the end of round one. Like I said in the intro, it is my opinion that there are 5-6 QB who should go in round 1. Ryan Mathews was a big mover, but he is young and is becoming a feature back in SD. If he stays healthy, he has number 1 RB potential. MJD is my biggest question in round 1. He has quite a few carries on those legs, but for the time being he is the 5th best RB.
  13. Chris Johnson
  14. Jamaal Charles
  15. Marshawn Lynch
  16. Mike Wallace
  17. Demarco Murray
  18. Darren McFadden
  19. AJ Green
  20. Victor Cruz
  21. Eli Manning
  22. Michael Vick
  23. Hakeem Nicks
  24. Jimmy Graham- Graham over Gronk was my most noticeable question mark this round. I just think in a dynasty, I want the guy with no competition at his spot. The start of this round 2 group was RB heavy with plenty of high risk/reward guys like CJ and Jamaal. I have trouble ranking Cruz/Nicks but at this time I think it has to be Cruz but both will be top 25 players in my opinion.
  25. Matt Forte
  26. Andre Johnson- Forte and AJ are two injury fears so they fell in these ranks.
  27. Rob Gronkowski
  28. Greg Jennings
  29. Wes Welker
  30. Matt Ryan
  31. Tony Romo
  32. Phillip Rivers
  33. Brandon Marshall
  34. Michael Turner
  35. Reggie Bush
  36. Jordy Nelson- these next 12 guys were injured/aged guys and QB. At this point there are  QB off the board and in my opinion these are the least questionable guys. If these guys are gone, I would wait.
  37. Roddy White
  38. Steve Smith
  39. Julio Jones
  40. Adrian Peterson
  41. Dwayne Bowe
  42. Vincent Jackson
  43. Dez Bryant
  44. Antonio Gates
  45. Beanie Wells
  46. Steven Jackson
  47. LeGarrette Blount
  48. Jeremy Maclin- Adrain Peterson will probably be the hardest to rank player next year, but I’ll be conservative here. Too conservative I imagine, but I think that type of injury has more implications than missed time. Roddy ahead of Julio based on targets, but it is close because Julio has the huge play ability. Either way it bodes well for Matt Ryan. Bowe has proven he can be a top 10 guy when Cassel is healthy but his inconsistency dropped him here. Not a fan of any of the Wells/S Jax/Blount trio, but for the most part they get their carries.
  49. Percy Harvin
  50. Stevie Johnson
  51. Roy Helu
  52. Ben Roethlisberger
  53. Aaron Hernandez
  54. Jason Witten
  55. Kenny Britt
  56. Michael Crabtree
  57. Frank Gore
  58. Fred Jackson
  59. Cedric Benson
  60. Denarius Moore- Moore is personal bias at the end of round 5. Big Ben was the 11th QB so if you were a guy who missed him, you can wait late and try to get Andrew Luck. There was plenty of high upside WR in this round with Stevie, Harvin, Britt, and Crabtree. With the pass heavy league, QB and WR will benefit with the most depth.

Needless to say, the entire veteran draft will be interesting as no owner has dynasty experience. You will have to get your first two round picks in mind and wing it. Personally, the first pick is the most desirable pick. You can get Rodgers and a solid RB/WR duo. This league will be depth heavy but have a fairly normal starting lineup, with an extra flex spot, so after locking up a QB it will be about how you handle your draft. These ranks are ridiculously early, so I will be updating them after the draft in April and again before the preseason.


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