Week 15 Matchups Preview

Every fantasy football season has it’s triumphs and it’s heartbreaks. Week 15 means only 2 weeks left in this fantasy football season. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the heartbreaks and triumphs from the 2011 fantasy football season.


  • Jamaal Charles’ ACL in week 2 putting a disappointing end to an exciting player’s season.
  • Michael Vick being picked 8 overall in Awesome.
  • Chris Johnson going from CJ2k to CJ1k to CJareyouOk?
  • Black Crackers ending the season as the worst scoring team thanks to three straight weeks of lineup ignorance.
  • Last year’s “Owner Champion” taking an impressive first to almost worst fall.
  • JJ being JJ again. We can only hope this doesn’t happen next year.
  • WOW’s terrible end to a season thanks to Ryan Grant.
  • Rob Gronkowski not drafted in either league
  • Last, but in no way least, the probable death of the keeper league. Unless a majority of the owners wish to keep playing the keeper league next year while also playing awesome and the new dynasty league, the keeper will die after two short years.Triumphs:
  • DeMarco Murray, while it lasted.
  • The strange emergence of every team’s WR2 being better than their WR1. (Victor Cruz, Jordy, Garcon, Laurent Robinson, Torrey Smith)
  • Wilrd owning A-Rod and Gronk in both league’s and not managing to lead either league in scoring. (It’s a triumph for 5/6 of us)
  • Rob freaking Gronkowski
  • AJ Green. The UGA receiver proved that the Falcons should be very angry at the Bengals for backing out of a draft day trade at the last second.
  • Michael Vi…. sorry wrong section. -__-
  • Most important here, the underdog story. Two ago, Adam Wayne Bush joined Awesome just for kicks and amusement with pals. Fast-forward to now and the ruthless High Noon himself has taken 2011 by storm raping and pillaging all along the way. Hats off to Adam as he enjoys this season, and the Owners belt that will surely come with it.

Now to what you all came for, the matchups preview. In week 15 The League will begin round 2 of the championship with Mr. Bush holding both teams in the final.

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 4. High Noon

In my preview of round 1, I picked High Noon to lose to Reaper. While they proved me wrong, I still am not high on High Noon. Having experienced firsthand what Brodown can accomplish. High Noon has the top 2 players in this matchup in Brees and McCoy, but Brodown is stronger overall and I see them finishing this matchup as the winner.

212-191 Brodown

My original picks were Reaper in first, Brodown in second, and Order in third. Losing Greg Jennings may have ended Order’s chances for third and it looks like a 3 way race between White Power, Trap Card, and Reaper. Thanks to 2 players, I’ll take Trap Card to pull out third.

Awesome will play round 2 of their playoffs in Week 15. After a couple of upsets in week 1, I find these matchups a bit less compelling. Three of the teams that lost in round 1 were, in my opinion, top 4 teams so it was hard to watch them have to exit early. That being said, playoffs always seem to make themselves interesting.

8. I Kill for Pleasure vs. 4. I Got All Day

All Day had the best scoring round 1 of any team, but I Kill was a close second. I Kill pulled the upset over Dirty Birds in round 1 thanks to big games from MJD and Antonio Brown. All Day managed over 130 whil getting almost no help from CJ and McGahee who only combined for 10 points last week. I do not expect that this week as McGahee gets NE and, more importantly, CJ faces the Colts. I expect I Kill to get a nice game from Felix this week, but MJD may have limited upside against a dangerous Atlanta run defense. I Kill had a nice round 1, but I think All Day gets by this one and advances to the Championship.

116-97 All Day

6. Don’t Stop Believing vs. 2. Black Guy

Thanks to a fortuitous matchup against the lowest scoring team and one of Julio Jones’ random great games, Don’t Stop sneaked through round 1 to the semi finals. I don’t have much to say about this game. Thanks to a depressing season of injuries for Don’t Stop with the Murray injury last week putting the nail in the coffin, I expect an easy week for Black Guy here. Black Guy has A-Rod and Gronk and it does not seem to matter who they start elsewhere with the season those two are having.

114-81 Black Guy

To recap, in my Playoffs preview, I picked Black Guy to defeat All Day in the finals and Wow to come in third place. I think my finals matchup will take place, but with All Day’s recent play and the need to avenge for Wow, there could be an upset. I picked Wow for third place and right now it is between them, Warrior, and the loser of the I KIll/All Day game.

Thanks to a timely trip home and a week of work, there most likely won’t be a Week 15 Review or a finals preview. Good luck to those of you lucky enough to compete in week 15, and check back here after week 16 for the super-sized season in review and the final standings for owners points.


Week 14 (PLAYOFFS?) Preview

That’s right gentlemen. We’re talking about playoffs. With week 14 comes the Awesome, and more important for history purposes, playoffs. Before we look at this week’s games for Awesome. Let’s check the playoffs in The League:

1. Reaper Crew 91.5 vs. 4. High Noon 125.1

High Noon got off to a hot start in week one of this two-week matchup. High Noon was helped to a 125 point game with big weeks from Brees, Lesean McCoy, and surprisingly Rashard Mendenhall. Reaper Crew had a solid week, but with Blount putting up a dud and none of his players scoring big, 91 points wasn’t enough to keep up with High Noon. Last week, I predicted this game to end 190-184 in Reaper’s favor. While I was correct in predicting that Reaper might struggle, I was wrong about High Noon. With almost a 30 point lead, I don’t know that Reaper can pull this one out even though, once again, I don’t expect much from High Noon. But, with the way Brees is playing recently, it is hard to pick against High Noon to hold onto their lead.

209-197 High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown 119.5 vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix 104.9

Both of these teams had good weeks in week 13, but Brodown had the better week. Brodown’s score can be misleading though. With 30 from Ray Rice and 30 combined from the K and DST, his score looked great, but most of his other players were average last week. Alternatively, Order’s RB and WR all played fairly well but with their QB, TE, DST, and K combining for a meager 20 points. I expect Order to put up a very good fight for this game with Vick returning this week and, although projections disagree, a very nice matchup for Witten against NYG. While I expect Reaper to outscore Showdown this week, Showdown may prove too strong for Reaper to close that 15 point deficit. I predicted 216-209 Brodown last week and I still stand by that prediction.

216-209 Brodown

Here are the current top 3 standings for the third place race in the league. I left current playoff teams off the list because we aren’t sure who will be first and second, and because two playoff teams would be top 3. I predicted Order to win third place in last week’s preview. Remember third place is the team that scores the most points in the playoffs, but does not finish first or second.

  1. White Power 132.2
  2. Suck for Luck 105.8
  3. Yes We Eh 99.8

Now as all you readers are of keen mind you will no doubt have noticed Bush is projected for first and second place in the league. If this happens, Bush almost certainly locks down the belt for 2011.

Here’s the playoff preview for Awesome:

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

Dirty Birds led the league in scoring for most of the year and has remained fairly dominant throughout. While Dirty Birds is still a solid team, it has declined since the beginning of the season thanks to losing Fred Jackson and the slow disappearance of Steve Smith. Heading into the playoffs, I question Birds’ ability to go far because of inconsistent WR play and Bush still playing Scott Chandler at TE -___- I Kill has been up and down throughout the year and has been down some recently and dropped to the 8 seed. MJD is the strongest player I Kill has and that type of RB can lead a playoff drive, but I question the big game ability of the rest of his players through the playoffs. I wanted to choose I Kill this week, but I worry about the ever-possible Vincent Jackson no-show and, more importantly, the Rams offense right now killing S Jax. I’m taking Dirty Birds here thanks to Drew Bress, but close.

92-89 Dirty Birds

2. Black Guy vs. 7. Wow You Suck

I’ve said for a few weeks that I thought Wow would be a scary team to face in the playoffs. We saw what they can do last week as they scored 118.3 points, albeit in a loss to Black Guy who scored 123. Aside from, the now irrelevant, Dwayne Bowe, Wow may be the strongest team in the league top to bottom, especially at RB with Gore, Lynch, and McCoy. Their main weakness is a solid QB. Sanchez has been a top 12 guy all season, but a top 5 QB would make Wow the favorite for the title. Speaking of top QB, Black Guy has been led to a two seed this year thanks to one Aaron Rodgers who is easily this season’s fantasy MVP. Second-place for that MVP would be Rob Gronkowski, also on Black Guy. Having Megatron and the hottest WR in fantasy, Victor Cruz, has also helped. Even with a very ugly trio at RB and Flex, it is hard to pick against Black Guy. I picked Wow last week and Black Guy got an insane game from Pierre Garcon. I know better this time.

109-104 Black Guy

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing 

Man has been a top team most of the season. Ryan Mathews’ resurgence and Greg Jennings’ consistency will be an important factor in the playoffs. I worry about Mike Wallace’s recent play and the underperforming Pettigrew in the playoffs. (On another note, WTF ESPN?! Last week you project Pettigrew for 11.1, he scores 1.3. So what do you do this week? 11.3? Again? Are you effing kidding me? Sigh,). Don’t Stop has been decimated by injuries and lackluster ownership this year so I think their playoffs end here.

109-88 Man

4. All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

All Day enters the playoff on a four game winning streak, thanks in large part to the return of CJ2K. Jordy Nelson and Jimmy Graham have been essential to all day’s success this season, especially in recent weeks as they climbed to a 4 seed. Warrior had a strong midseason, but has been all but eliminated recently. Vick returns this week, but Forte is likely out for the rest of the fantasy season after a knee injury in week 13. Both of these teams are strong teams. Warrior’s WR trio looks strong but I worry about Brandon Lloyd with both Bradford and Feely likely out this week. But you can never underestimate Vick and Arian who have all the potential to combine for 60 points. For All Day, I’m concerned with McGahee this week against Chicago, but I think CJ2K continues his solid play against NO where he could rack up receiving yards late. Ultimately this game will come down to how the WR play for Warrior, but I am skeptical of their ability. I’m taking All Day here.

112-106 All Day


So after the first playoff week, I have the top 4 seeds advancing (which is highly unlikely). I’ll go ahead here and predict the final standings for the playoffs. In round 2, I think All Day will defeat Dirty Birds and Man will lose a close game to the Rod/Gronk tag team. In the finals, I have to go with Black Guy again. The influence of A-Rod and Gronk has been profound this season and quite honestly, I think whatever team had Gronk would be in the finals because of how dominant he has been at his position. Having A-Rod is the icing on the cake. So All Day comes in second, and I will take Wow for third place.


Good luck in round 1 loyal readers, and check here Tuesday for the weekly review.

Week 13 Matchups

Here we are at week 13. The final week of regular season play, at least for Awesome. I’ll preview this weeks matchups for awesome, and the playoff matchups for the league. For the 8 teams not good enough to make the playoffs, I won’t preview matchups, but instead will do a playoff preview for each team and discuss the team and their chances to win the third place spot.

Here are the week 13 matchups for Awesome:

Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-9) vs. I Got All Day (8-4)

These teams enter as polar opposites, with All Day on a three game win streak and Hooker enters on a three game losing streak. As I mentioned in my week 12 review, All Day heads into the week as the 4 seed for the playoffs. All Day will probably not have All Day again this week due to an injury, but they do have Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson had a season high 190 yards rushing last week against TB and I expect him to continue that with another good week, albeit to a lesser extent, against the Bills. Hooker has Tim Tebow, and both Panthers’ RB starting, need I say more? Last time these teams played, All Day won 112-69. I’m taking All Day here.

104-82 All Day

True Grit (4-8) vs. Dirty Birds (7-5)

The owner points leader faces himself here. Dirty Birds is the top scoring team in the league, and True Grit is a team that has been trending down since some trades have gone awry. Stevie Johnson had a nice outing last week, on True Grit’s bench, and seems to be back on the right track. A monster week from Brees and Lance Moore saved Dirty Birds from a close game against Hooker last week. While I expect less out of Brees and Moore this week, I expect much less out of True Grit. Last time these teams played, Grit won 69-67, I expect different results this time.

88-71 Dirty Birds

Loser (5-7) vs. Crackers (5-7)

In the 2011 Awesome League Toilet Bowl, the two lowest scoring teams face off to end the season in week that could have top draft pick implications. Regrettably, Crackers lineup has not been set since they made a solid trade pickup two weeks ago and I don’t expect them to be set this week, much to Loser’s draft pick dismay. Loser’s players have some nice matchups this week so I expect a nice week scoring from Loser. Last time they played, Crackers won by 30. That won’t happen again with two open roster spots. Crackers, I am disappoint.

102-61 Loser

They Call Me Warrior (7-5) vs. I Am Man (7-5)

The last time Warrior played I Am Man, Warrior scored 150 points and won by 65. While I love the WR Warrior is playing this week, I don’t see 150 again. With Vick and Maclin out again, Warrior will be rolling with Vince Young and Shonn “I never get a goal line carry” Greene. The Bears seem to have forgotten Matt Forte the last three weeks, and his fantasy points show it, but I expect somewhat of a revival game here. I’m not fond of the RB on Man, but their QB stands out this week as I expect a monster game from Brady against his hated, and currently terrible, Colts. Call me biased, but I question the ESPN projection of 11.1 for Pettigrew and 5.8 for Gates. Regardless of questionable TE projections, I like Man here.

114-106 Man

Don’t Stop Believing (6-6) vs. I Kill for Pleasure (5-7)

Don’t Stop is coming in with a three game losing streak, thanks in part to injuries/byes, but no lineup moves or free agent pickups could also be to blame here. Demarco Murray has been great for Don’t Stop, and his touches show that Felix is no more than a handcuff now. I like a big week from Demarco against Arizona, but I’m not sure that’s enough for the Don’t Stop win. I’m not fond of the matchups for I Kill’s RB, and their WR are very hit-or-miss, but I don’t see Don’t Stop having a better week. I do like D Jax this week, if he decides to catch the ball when Vince hits him. I Kill won 90-68 last time these teams played. I’m taking I Kill here in a “upset” special.

96-79 I Kill

Wow You Suck (6-6) vs. Black Guy (9-3)

This is a matchup of two playoff teams, and a possible round 1 game. Black Guy had a nice week last week, but lost a close game to I Am Man. Victor Cruz has been the best WR in fantasy for the past 5 weeks as he has become Eli’s go to deep ball target. Black Guy also has A-Rod, Megatron, and Gronk who are all the number 1 at their respective positions. Other than those guys, Black Guy has some holes at RB/Flex but has managed to overcome them this season as they’re currently the 2 seed for the playoffs. I’ve been outspoken about my feelings on Wow and I still think they are the scariest lower seed team in the playoffs.  Wow’s RB could put up huge numbers this week, but I worry about Bowe with Palko at QB. It’s hard to pick against the team with the league’s best record, but I’m taking Wow in my game of the week.

112-104 Wow

That’s it for Awesome’s preview. I don’t expect many changes in the playoff race this week, but this is it for the regular season, so we’ll see Tuesday when week 13 finalizes.

The League:

The League starts their playoffs in week 13. Just so everyone knows, the seeding in the “Scoreboard” section on ESPN is incorrect. The actual seeding, based on scoring, is:

  1. Reaper Crew
  2. Brodown Showdown
  3. Order of the Phoenix
  4. High Noon

Those teams will be the four competing for first and second place in the championship game weeks 15 and 16. Here are the matchups previews, non playoff team previews, and my early picks. I will preview and predict the playoff games this week, but I will also review them next Thursday.

1. Reaper Crew (8-4) vs. 4. High Noon (9-3)

Thanks to a midseason scoring surge and a hot start from Fred Jackson, Reaper Crew finds themselves in a favorable matchup to start the playoffs against High Noon. High Noon has had a nice season, scoring the fourth most points in the league, but a league high 9-3 record is helped by having the second least points allowed all season. Brees, Lesean, and the Ravens D have carried High Noon all season, but I question how far a WR/Flex group of Moore, Manningham and Tolbert can carry them. As of right now, it appears Reaper will start the playoffs without Fred Jackson, who is now on the IR, Adrian Peterson, which has a chance to put them down after week 13. Spiller was average in Jackson’s place last week, as was Gerhart in Peterson’s (although a TD helped his scoring). Like I said, Reaper Crew fell into a favorable matchup,as I feel either of the 2 or 3 seed teams would likely beat them with AP out. But, thanks to questionable depth for High Noon, I expect Reaper to edge out this week and move to the championship.

190-184 Reaper

2. Brodown Showdown (8-4) vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix (8-4)

Brodown led the league in scoring most of the season, until about week 8 when they slowed down. With Ray Rice and Calvin Johnson as their team MVP, they have remained solid all year through ups and downs from Fitzgerald and the RB position. Some of their players, including Reggie Bush, Gonzo, Big Ben, and even Megatron, have slowed down through the season and that could prove problematic in the playoffs. The Order was a top 4 team all season thanks to Vick, Arian Foster, and Greg Jennings. They certainly slowed down through the lack of production from Stevie Johnson and the sub-par or absent games from Michael Vick. Against personal bias, I am taking Brodown here in a high scoring matchup, but I expect the loser to be in the running for third place.

216-209 Brodown

As for the third place race, I think it is a toss up between 4 non playoff teams, and the two losing first round playoff teams. Footlongs, Lazy Frogs, Death Eaters, Trap Card, Order, and High Noon will all be competing. I think it will come down to The Order and Footlongs, but thanks to ridiculous playoff matchups for The Order’s RB, and perhaps personal bias I suppose, I’m taking the Order.

So my Championship game projection is Brodown vs. Reaper Crew. I’ll preview these matchups each week as they happen, but my early pick for the Championship is Reaper Crew, with Brodown in second, and The Order coming in third.

Check back here Tuesday for the weekly review to see how wrong I was.

Week 11 Matchups

Week 10 has passed, and week 11 opens with Saint Tebow facing the Jets in a Thursday night matchup that I look forward to, and will most certainly be watching since I have NFL Network (real life humblebrag). Although I have to miss most of the games this weekend, since I will be occupied in Orlando (real life humblebrag), I  expect an interesting week as the playoff races, which I recapped in my tuesday column, come to a close. So here are the matchups for week 11.


They Call Me Warrior (5-5) vs. Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-7)

The shaft, indeed. With Warrior towards the top of the playoff seeding Hooker all but fully eliminated from the playoffs, this match has little to no bearing on the season aside from Warrior possibly sliding down a few seeds. Warrior will struggle with Vick and Maclin most likely out, and Arian on a bye. Hooker will be fielding the stronger lineup for this week,  so I am taking them as my upset special.

90-86 Hooker

Dirty Birds (5-5) vs. Don’t Stop Believing (6-4)

Dirty Birds’ season long reign on the top scoring spot looks to be coming to a close as Man has come within one point of Birds, and with Drew Brees out this week and some questionable WR, I expect that reign to end. Don’t Stop is once again fielding a struggling team, which I expect to end next week with Andre and maybe DMC returning. But this week, I’m taking Dirty Birds in a fairly low scoring match.

83-80 Dirty Birds

I Kill for Pleasure (4-6) vs. Wow You Suck (5-5)

Both of these teams, although coming off a loss, have been on a hot scoring streak recently. Both team’s RB have great matchups and their WR are fairly similar with Wow having the edge, so to decide this one I was looking at QB. I Kill will be starting a QB from the waiver wire, while Wow is starting Sanchez. I think the Sanchise could have a good game against the Broncos, so I’m taking Wow, fairly handily.

110-89 Wow

Team Black Guy (8-2) vs. True Grit (4-6)

Not too much stands out about this matchup. True Grit is a team that has had plenty of issues as of late and their scoring shows it. Black Guy has been a top 4 team most of the year thanks to the obvious fantasy MVP this year, Aaron Rodgers. This won’t be a pretty game, but I’ll take the team with A-Rod

85-76 Black Guy

I Got All Day (6-4) vs. Loser (4-6)

Everything went right for All Day last week as they scored over 140 points in a win and vaulted to the 3 seed. Loser has won two in a row against top 5 teams thanks to Reggie Bush coming out as a top 15 RB. While Loser has shown recently that it has some upset potential, All Day is for real and takes this one easily.

118-89 All Day

Black Crackers (4-6) vs. I Am Man (6-4)

Both teams enter this one off of a win, but I think Crackers’ win was regrettably more of a fluke, as they will continue their season-long struggle this week thanks to byes. Man has almost caught up to Birds for the one seed, and I expect them to overcome them this week. I’m taking Man here in a rout.

103-68 Man


The League

Multiple Scorgasms (4-6) vs. Suck for Luck (1-9)

Suck for Luck has done just that this year, and enters with a seven game losing streak, the longest this year. Scorgasms is coming off of two straight losses, and, although ESPN projections disagree, just has a stronger team than Luck. I like Luck to rebound some this week, but not enough for a win.

92-90 Scorgasms

Death Eaters (5-5) vs. Reaper Crew (7-3)

Another one gets the shaft here. Both teams are entering on a two game winning streak, and only one will leave with another win, and I think that team is…… Death Eaters. This game came down to the WR and Flex spots and I think Death Eaters is fielding the better players there. This is a bold pick, considering Reaper is the league’s top scoring team and both their RB have incredibly good matchups, but with Blount being no good win his team loses this year, and starting Jabar Gaffney, I think Reaper takes the L here. This one will be close though, and it is my game of the week.

106-103 Death Eaters

Trap Card (3-7) vs. Lazy Frogs (6-4)

Wilrd also gets the shaft this week (insert obligatory gay joke), especially with the win tear all his teams have been on lately. Neither team fields a noticeably impressive lineup here, but Trap Card does have the MVP. I’m taking Trap Card here thanks to the Mighty A-Rod at the helm.

91-84 Trap Card

Order of the Phoenix (8-2) vs. Favre Dollar Footlongs (5-5)

Footlongs is coming off a win, and Order is coming off of a close Monday night loss. The Order will likely be without it’s strongest players in Vick and Arian out. Footlong is fielding it’s full lineup and this could come down to how well McGahee plays. I’m taking Footlongs thanks to player woes for the Order.

106-90 Footlongs

Yes We Eh (4-6) vs. White Power (2-8)

Shaft. Both of these teams are coming in on losing streaks, and neither will field a great lineup here due to injuries and byes. Yes We Eh has the best thing going with a great WR trio. White Power has Tom Brady, but I’m not sure that even Tom can save them this week.

84-76 Yes We Eh

Brodown Showdown (7-3) vs. High Noon (8-2)

I am hereby declaring this week shaft week for the league. With 4/6 owners facing themselves, there could be some interesting shifts in owner points. Both of these teams have been winning teams all year and in the top 4 in scoring. Brodown has an impressive team after picking up Ray Rice prior to last week, and I’m not particularly fond of the lackluster group High Noon starts at WR so I am taking the Brodown here…. Why you disrespecting me bro?!

119-94 Brodown

That does it for week 11. I’ll be posting a late weekly review, if I post one at all, for week 11 since I will be out of town and predisposed Tuesday (real life humblebrag), so for all my loyal readers (both of you), check back next wednesday for a matchups/review combo special, if I do it… ya know, because of UNIVERSAL MF’n STUDIOS! xoxoxoxo

Week 10 Matchups Preview

Week 10 is here and the regular season is coming to a finish. For the rest of the weekly previews, I will include a playoffs preview showing matchups, if the season were to end today. These are in order of the bracket format (1v8, 4v5, 2v7, 3v6)

For Awesome(8 teams, starting week 14):

1. The Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4.  Team Black Guy vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

2. I Am Man vs. 7. Wow You Suck

3. Don’t Stop Believing vs. 6. I Got All Day


For the League (4 Teams, starting week 13)

1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. Team High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 3. The Order of the Phoenix

Here’s the weekly previews:


Dirty Pirate Hooker (3-6) vs. Team Black Guy (7-2)

Black Guy is coming off a heartbreaking loss to a Julio Jones led Don’t Stop Believing in week 9. This year, Aaron Rodgers has been the most impactful fantasy player and manages to keep Black Guy close to or ahead of every team they face. Dirty Pirate Hooker looked to be on the right track, scoring 101.7 in a win against Black Crackers. Even with Tebow in full force, Black Guy will pull out the win here thanks to A-Rod, but it should be close.

101-95 Black Guy

True Grit (4-5) vs. Black Crackers (3-6)

Crackers is coming off a competitive loss, thanks to Ben Tate. They are at the bottom of the league in scoring and call me crazy, but I don’t believe this is the league’s worst team. True Grit is coming off a loss, and a game that put them out of the playoff picture for the first time this season. With a RB duo of Pierre Thomas and James Starks, and a marginally more impressive WR crew, I think True Grit continues to lose this week as Crackers gets Cam back in a nice matchup against the Titans.

94-78 Crackers

Wow You Suck (5-4) vs. I Got All Day (5-4)

Corey is one of two owners playing their own team in this league this week (which won’t happen next year). Wow enters with a two game win streak and All Day on a two game losing streak. These teams are very evenly matched and I could see them pulling an upset in the playoffs as mid to lower seeds. All Day has Chris Johnson, who looked slightly resurgent last week. If he can continue improving, a match against Carolina would make him a great start, and I like him this week. I’m taking All Day here, but in a close one. This is my game of the week.

113-104 All Day

Don’t Stop Believing (6-3) vs. They Call Me Warrior (4-5)

In a matchup of two top five teams that was my runner-up for game of the week, Warrior enters on a two game losing streak to face a Don’t Stop team that reemerged as an elite last week. While I like what Don’t Stop was able to do last week, I still think injuries and inconsistent starters will hold them back here. Warrior lost a heartbreaker last week as Vick and Forte had less than stellar weeks. In matchups against Arizona and Detroit respectively, I fully expect them to jump back this week and lead Warrior to a win.

119-104 Warrior

Team Loser (3-6) vs. Dirty Birds (5-4)

Loser is coming off a great week thanks to Rivers and Reggie Bush. Dirty Birds is coming off a loss, and their 5-4 record doesn’t match their league leading scoring. I may be wrong, but even against StL I think a 9.4 projection for Ogbonnaya is a bit much. He showed last week his ability, or lack thereof, as an NFL RB. Birds’ RB duo of Rice and Fred Jackson will continue to shine here, in a win over Loser.

112-80 Birds

 I Am Man (5-4) vs. I Kill for Pleasure (4-5)

I Kill enters this game on an impressive four game win streak. After some beneficial trades, I Kill has been excellent and is now the 8 seed for the playoffs thanks in part to Big Ben’s excellent play the past 3 weeks (leading QB scoring over that time). Man is coming off a win, and even though it lost a few games in a row, has remained a constant top 4 team this year. Thanks to some questionable RB situations for Man, I’m going with I Kill in my upset special.

104-97 I Kill


The League

Suck for Luck (1-8) vs. Brodown Showdown (6-3)

Suck for Luck, entering on a six game losing streak, is coming into a matchup that probably won’t help that streak. Brodown (formerly Doo Doo Legs) has remained the top team all season, until last week. Brodown doesn’t have a glaring weakness anywhere on its team, the same can’t be said for Luck. While I think Luck is rebounding, albeit slowly, they aren’t going to be able to keep up here.

114-99 Brodown Showdown

Favre Dollar Footlongs (4-5) vs. Multiple Scorgasms (4-5)

Corey is playing against himself in both leagues this week, and even Joe Pa would call the cops about the shaft Corey is getting this week. (Too soon?).Like in the other league, Corey’s teams are evenly matched and I had a hard time picking this game. This pick game down to the WR position, and I give Scorgasms the nod there. But this will be very close.

106-104 Scorgasms

Lazy Frogs (5-4) vs. Yes We Eh (4-5)

Both these teams are coming off of a week 9 loss. During the week, Frogs traded away Ray Rice so it will be interesting to see how that plays out for Frogs. Yes We Eh has an elite WR crew and Cam Newton, and thanks to that standout advantage, I will pick them here.

112-91 Yes We Eh

Reaper Crew (6-3) vs. Order of the Phoenix (8-1)

These are both excellent teams top to bottom, and their records and top 4 scoring show that. Order enters on a 6 game winning streak and they have been hard to stop. Reaper’s high scoring recently has climbed them to the top scoring spot in the league. It is hard to spot a weakness or discrimination on either team to help this pick, but I’m going with The Order here thanks to Michael Vick, whom I feel has a monster game against Arizona. (Disclaimer: Possible writer bias). This is my game of the week, and very possibly a championship matchup preview.

133-131 Order

White Power (2-7) vs. Death Eaters (4-5)

White Power enters this on a two game losing skid, and thanks to no depth at WR or RB, I expect that to continue this week. Death Eaters has been improving recently and thanks to Felix Jones’ injury, they’ll get another unchallenged start from Demarco Murray. I’m taking Death Eaters here.

104-84 Death Eaters

High Noon (8-1) vs. Trap Card (2-7)

Both teams come into this matchup off of a week 9 win. Thanks to a great $0 Antonio Brown pickup, I think Trap Card is an improving team. High Noon ‘s record is in large part thanks to Lesean McCoy’s top RB play this season. While I like the RBs for Noon, the WR duo is lackluster and inconsistent. Even with a weakness, High Noon is still an elite team, and should not have a problem this weak.

114-108 High Noon


That’s it for this week’s preview. Good luck to everyone in week 10, and check back Tuesday for the week 10 review.

Week 9 Matchups Preview

Week 9, already. There are only 5 weeks left in Awesome’s regular season and 4 weeks left in The League’s, s,o I feel this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the playoff format of each league and preview some possible matchups. In Awesome, the playoffs start week 14 and there are 8 playoff teams. Matchups are one week long, with the championship taking place on week 16. We voted at the draft about playoff seeding, and the seeding will be based on points scored, as opposed to record, so the top 8 scoring teams advance to the playoffs. In The League, only 4 teams go to the playoffs and the playoffs start in week 13. The matchups will be two weeks long, instead of one, with the championship in week 16. Just like in Awesome, points scored determine seeding so the top 4 teams advance.

Awesome current projected playoff seeding

  1. Dirty Birds
  2. They Call Me Warrior
  3. I Am Man
  4. Black Guy
  5. I Got All Day
  6. Don’t Stop Believing
  7. Wow You Suck
  8. True Grit
The League current projected playoff seeding
  1. Bush’s Brodown Showdown
  2. Reaper Crew
  3. The Order of the Phoenix
  4. High Noon
So comment with any questions/concerns. Without further ado, here are the week 9 matchup previews.

Atlanta Black Crackers (3-5) vs. Dirty Pirate Hooker (2-6)

This matchup features two teams trending in opposite directions. Crackers have won their last two, while Hooker has lost 6 straight. Much of Crackers recent success has been on Cam Newton’s shoulders, and with Cam on bye this week, Crackers will struggle at the QB position. Hooker has Michael Turner in a very nice matchup against Indy coming off the bye, so I expect a big game from Turner to carry Hooker to a win.

88-75 Hooker

I Kill for Pleasure (3-5) vs. True Grit (4-4)

With both of these teams entering on a three game win streak, someone will have to end the other’s streak. I Kill’s RB2 spot doesn’t look very sexy with MJD on a bye, his options will be fairly slim and very ugly. True Grit’s RB position doesn’t look much better right now, but Grit has Boldin. Boldin has at least 10 points in his past three games and he’s facing Pitt. He had 74 and a td in week one when they played. Thanks to some rough matchups and byes for I Kill, I like True Grit to continue their streak in a close game.

86-80 True Grit

The Dirty Birds (5-3) vs. Wow You Suck (4-4)

Two top 7 teams face off here, both coming off of a win. The Dirty Birds have been the highest scoring team since week 1, but with some very inconsistent WR play and a hit or miss TE, I expect them to struggle here. Wow is a team that has just recently hit its stride, and with Frank Gore playing at such a high level, I expect Wow to win again this week and this matchup is my game of the week.

108-101 Wow

They Call Me Warrior (4-4) vs. Team Loser (2-6)

Warrior’s record doesn’t show it, but they have been on a hot scoring streak the past 4 weeks. Alternatively, Loser has lost in 4 straight weeks. ESPN’s projection for this matchup is an impressive 142.1-78.5 in Warrior’s favor. Loser is starting Matt Ryan at QB. I expect Ryan to rebound in the second half of the season, starting with this game, but that won’t help Loser through this one.

128-72 Warrior

Team Black Guy (7-1) vs. Don’t Stop Believing (5-3)

Based solely on record, these teams are the division leader, but neither of these teams is playing at their best this week. Black Guy will be missing Megatron with a bye and probably Bradshaw with a foot injury. Don’t Stop is missing DMC and Andre Johnson with injuries and Stafford is on bye, even though Eli vs. NE will make a solid replacement. Black Guy has faced a league low 78 points per game. That is 14 points below the league average. Call it defense or luck, it happens. Don’t Stop is a team I expect to play strong in the playoffs, but they will struggle this week against the daunted Black Guy defense.

86-69 Black Guy

All Day (5-3) vs. I Am Man (4-4)

After week 5, I Am Man traded away Adrian Peterson and Willis McGahee to All Day. Since that trade, I Am Man is 0-3 and All Day is 1-2. Neither team has benefited yet. Lucky for I Am Man, they face I Got All Day on the week that they do not have All Day, thanks to a bye week. Man is putting out the stronger lineup this week, and thank to some solid play from their elite WR core, I expect them to win this one.

106-94 Man


The League

Activated Trap Card (1-7) vs. Suck for Luck (1-7)

In this year’s Toilet Bowl, two 1-7 teams enter to do battle, both on a five game losing streak. Suck for Luck has no player to get too excited about, but Gates does seem to be fully back so at least there are the beginnings of something consistent for this team. Trap Card has AAARRROOONNN RRROOODDDGGGEEERRRSSS, and that helped this pick.

84-76 Trap Card.

Bush’s Brodown Showdown (5-3) vs. Favre Dollar Footlongs (4-4)

Brodown has to play this matchup without it’s RB and WR1 in MJD and Megatron. Footlongs is missing Stafford, but Fitzpatrick should be a fairly suitable replacement. Sadly for Bush, Matt Forte is facing a poor Eagle’s run D this week, so I expect a huge game to push Footlongs to a win, and to the favorite for the 4th playoff seed.

109-88 Footlongs

Death Eaters (3-5) vs. Lazy Frogs (5-3)

Death Eaters is back to almost full force as Roddy and Turner return from byes, but Bradshaw is questionable with a foot injury for Sunday. Lazy Frogs will probably still be missing Andre this week and is hoping to catch lighting in a bottle with another 3 td game from Plaxico. Lazy Frogs will struggle to score enough to keep up with Death Eaters, so this is my upset special.

98-78 Death Eaters

The Order of the Phoenix (7-1) vs. White Power (2-6)

The Order has won 5 straight games, and with their full lineup back this week, that streak should be safe. White Power lost last week, and thanks to injuries and byes, will have a hard time keeping up with one of the top 3 teams in the league.

107-74 Order

Multiple Scorgasms (4-4) vs. Reaper Crew (5-3)

Reaper Crew is currently the number two scoring team in the league, thanks to a big season from F Jax and AP. They’re missing AP due to a bye, but will be getting Blount back from missing a few weeks due to injuries. Phillip Rivers, who hasn’t played well all season and thus leads the NFL in turnovers, will be facing GB in week 9 so that doesn’t bode well for Scorgasm’s starting QB. I think Reaper Crew pulls this one out, these teams will keep it close, though.

111-104 Reaper Crew

Yes We Eh (4-4) vs. High Noon (7-1)

Both teams enter this game coming off of wins. Yes We Eh will be without possible fantasy MVP Cam Newton, and his sidekick Steve Smith. High Noon doesn’t look great at the WR spot, but its QB, RB, and TE make up for that, and will lead them to a win over a weakened Yes We Eh.

108-74 High Noon

Good luck in week 9, ladies.