Week 14 Review

Before we begin, let’s look at all the team’s who had their playoff lives die this week and hold a moment of silence in their honor.

The Dirty Birds. I Am Man. They Call Me Warrior. Wow You Suck. Order of the Phoenix. Reaper Crew.

These teams all suffered losses in the first rounds of their playoffs during week 14 and will not win a championship.

In the League, we have our finals matchups set. Much to the chagrin of the other owners, Bush’s two teams will be facing off in the championship. While the Order and Reaper Crew both put up a solid fight and were the 5th and 4th highest scoring teams in round 1 respectively, Brodown and High Noon would not be stopped. The story of round 1 was big name letdowns from stars on teams. Reaper was forced to play without their stud, AP and The Order played without Vick in week 13 and a letdown game from Vick in week 14 sealed the deal. I picked Reaper Crew to beat Brodown in the championship so I won’t be correct here. I’ll cover the finals matchup between Brodown and High Noon in my Thursday Previews.


Awesome had round 1 of its playoffs in week 14 and this meant the end of 4 playoff teams.  Don’t Stop Believing and I Kill pulled off upsets in week 14 over I Am Man and Dirty Birds. Man was the biggest letdown team in week 14, scoring the least of any playoff team thanks to a bountiful -7 from the Cowboys DST. I Kill pulled off the 8-1 upset against Dirty Birds thanks to a career game from MJD. The bad beat of the week goes to Wow. I’ve said for a while that Wow was an underrated team and a scary 7 seed, but it is hard to face the Tebow-like Black Guy this season. With another monster game from Gronkowski and a questionable Ryan Grant start, Black Guy edged this game out by two points on Monday. While I am excited personally that Black Guy won because I picked them, it is hard to watch Wow exit round 1 when I think they are the best team in the league right now. The second worst beat of the week goes to Warrior. Warrior lost by nearly 20 but was the third best scoring team in the league. All Day got solid games from all their studs and will be all the more formidable with the return of Adrian Peterson. I’ll cover round 2 and update my predictions in my weekly playoffs.

Thanks to a grossly heartbreaking playoff exit in both leagues (yes I can complain, I lost to the top scoring team in both leagues round 1 but that was expected since I faced the most points all season), I’m ready to look forward to next year. This has little meaning at the current point, but I am going to give my top 12 players for next year in my early round 1 rankings.

  1. Aaron Rodgers- obvious at this point considering his dominance at the QB spot this season.
  2. Lesean McCoy- the 2 can be debated, but in my opinion Shady is the pick here. He leads all RB in scoring this year thanks in large part to his emergence as the Eagle’s only go to option.
  3. Arian Foster- Although he missed 2 and most of 3 games this season, he is still a top 5 RB on the year and I think he would be one had he missed no time. He has proven that 2010 was not a fluke.
  4. Ray Rice- I said I thought Rice would finish the season as the best RB and so far he has only managed to be second best. That being said, I expect similar production from him next year. While his offense has been average, he has managed to put up points. It also helps to be on a team with a great D so he usually has the lead to rack up late carries.
  5. Adrian Peterson- I am personally not a huge Peterson fan, but it is impossible to argue against his consistency as a first round worthy RB. Although missing three games this season, he has still been worth his draft position.
  6. Maurice Jones-Drew- He has proven this year that he has no downside. With an abysmal offense he has still managed to lead the league in rushing yards this season. He’s as safe of a pick as you can make.
  7. Ryan Mathews- my first wildly debatable pick. Call me crazy, but ignoring weeks 7-11 (where I fully believe he was playing hurt), he has been every bit of a top 5 RB this season. Sure you lose the vulture TD from Tolbert, but he makes up for that in yardage and volume. This offense was terrible most of this season and I expect them to rebound next year.
  8. Calvin Johnson- While his performance has decreased from the early season, he has still been dominant most of the year. I believe another year with Stafford, Young, and Pettigrew and with a healthy RB, Calvin could keep a spot as a top WR and a solid round 1 pick.
  9. Matt Forte- An injury ended his season early, but prior to that he was a top 3 guy. I may be too low on him, but having owned him late in the year helps that. He started hot but tailed off way too much for comfort near the end. His value is based on yardage and volume. The Bears hopefully find a remedy to the lack of WR, and he has another solid year in 2012.
  10. Marshawn Lynch- Lynch started 2011 slowly but since week 8 he has been absolutely dominant. He has scored every game since week 8 and averaged over 100 yards rushing a game since then. Lynch is still a young and has been dominant before. He will only get better as a young Seahawks team improves.
  11. Darren McFadden- This ranking assumes to some extent that Michael Bush chooses somewhere else in free agency. Prior to an injury in week 7, McFadden was a top 5 RB. He has not played since that injury and may not play again all season. His performance early in the year showed that he clearly has the talent of a top 5 guy and his injury issues may drop him into the late second round. If, and it is a big if, he ever finishes a season, he may be a top RB.
  12. Wes Welker- With the emergence of Gronk as the best TE in the league, and some guy named Brady, Welker will most likely finish this season as the top WR. This ranking is more reflective of his targets and catches. Welker has always been a reception monster and, with Gronk emerging, those receptions are going for more yards than previously. Welker seems to have a ceiling since he likely won’t score as many TD as he has this year, but he has first round value because of consistency.



Week 13 Review

I’m going to make this post semi-quick today. First, let’s look at the playoff matchups for Awesome:

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4. All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing

2. Black Guy vs. 7. WoW You Suck

So there are the matchups, based on points scored in the regular season. On ESPN, the seeding won’t be correct, but these are the official ones so the matchups will be correct each week.

The League had its first week of the playoffs. Here’s how they are going:

1. Reaper Crew (91.5) vs. 4. High Noon (125.1)

2. Brodown Showdown (119.5) vs. 3. Order of the Phoenix (104.9)

All 4 of these teams got off to a nice start in the playoffs, but with the four seed High Noon starting the strongest. Reaper Crew gets AP back this week, but it is going to have a hard time catching up from a 34 point deficit. The Order kept it close, but Brodown still pulled out a 15 point victory. If Bush does pull out both of these wins in round 1, it almost guarantees that he wins the owner belt. That’s a good transition to looking at the final regular season owner standings.

  1. Bush 7461.4
  2. Jacob 7393
  3. Wilrd 7112.1
  4. Corey 7014.1
  5. Colton 6311.7
  6. JJ 5927.5

As I mentioned before, with a solid lead bush would lock down the belt if he managed to get first and second place points in the league.

Come back Thursday for the Awesome playoff previews and a longer post.

Week 12 Review

As week 12 ended, so did the regular season for The League. While The League begins the playoffs in week 13, Awesome has one more regular season matchup with playoffs beginning week 14. As we head into one of the playoffs and the last week of the other regular season, let’s look at the owner standings:

  1. Bush 7168.1
  2. Jacob 7007.7
  3. Wilrd 6714.8
  4. Corey 6692.2
  5. Colton 6133.5
  6. JJ 5761.9

As you can see, Bush still holds the lead he has held since Week 1. While Jacob has gained ground and Wilrd has done some winning recently to catch up, Bush still holds a fairly strong lead. The playoffs will be a crucial factor in the owner standings as the champ will get all his points and wins from the playoffs, second place will get half of their points and wins, and third place (the team that scores the most in the playoffs) will get all of their points. For the teams that do not place, there will be no owner ranking points in the playoffs, but considering the third place bonus it is important to continue to be active.  Based on a league okay, in the case of one of JJ’s teams reaching the playoffs (Don’t Stop), I will assume control of that team and set lineups *IF* JJ continues his leave of unexplained absence from the league. Since the playoffs are factored into owner points, I don’t want any one team to have an easy matchup just because a lineup was not set or an owner wasn’t active. On the same subject, I will consider this post a warning for said inactive owner. This is two weeks in a row without lineups set. The third will be a third strike and we will find a replacement owner for the redraft league. Obviously we don’t want it to be that way, but this is not the first time this has happened.  That’s all for the miscellaneous business portion of the review.

So with week 12 over, let’s look at final playoff seeding and the week 13/14 matchups for The League.

1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. High Noon

2. Brodown Showdown vs. 3. The Order of the Phoenix

I’ll be previewing these matchups in the weekly previews post. Remember in this league, the playoff matchups are two weeks long (Weeks 13/14 and 15/16). Once again, seeding is based on points scored in the regular season, not record.

Here are the projected matchups for Awesome after week 12. Playoff matchups will be set after week 13. These are arranged in bracket order.

1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. I Kill for Pleasure

4. I Got All Day vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior

3. I Am Man vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing

2. Black Guy vs. 7. Wow You Suck

So since there was not a matchups preview for week 12 ( ya know, Orlando and stuff), I don’t have much to review here, but a few things around the league stuck out.

  • JJ not setting his lineups (again) and his teams combining for 311.3. With a little more activity, JJ would have some good teams and be higher in the owner rankings.
  • I’ve decided that Wilrd is the Tebow of our leagues. In the past 3 weeks his teams are 9-3, and one of those losses was to himself. This week, Lazy Frogs goes off and scores the most this season by a team in The League. That happens when your kicker scores 23.
  • Corey actually set his lineups this week and scored 293.9. His teams have been hot and cold this season, and this week was a cold one. I still think Wow is his best team, and they are scary as a 7 seed.
  • Coming into the Monday night game, Hooker had almost a 30 point lead over Dirty Birds. Birds had Brees and Moore and Hooker had Nicks. Call me biased, but I was expecting Hooker to pull that one out. But, with the way Bush’s season has gone, and continues to go, Brees and Moore combine for almost 56 points. All that to say this, Bush has to win that belt. The fates have decided.
  • Suck for Luck effing won this week. Hell yeah.

So that’s what I saw in week 12. See you here Thursday for the weekly preview (including playoff previews for the league).


Week 10 Review

With week 10 in the books, the owner race has settled into a three-man race, unless one of the other owners makes a miraculous playoff run. Here’s how the standings look after Week 10:

  1. Bush 6075
  2. Jacob 5893.2
  3. Corey 5577.9
  4. Wilrd 5461
  5. Colton 5198.7
  6. JJ 4873.9
Bush holds strong at the top spot due to record, but his dominance in scoring has been compromised as Jacob surpasses him and Corey continues to gain ground on him.
With only 2-3 weeks of regular season matchups, we’re still in a race of shifting playoff seeding. Here is how the seeding and projected matchups for Awesome looks after week 10:
1. Dirty Birds vs. 8. Wow You Suck
4. Black Guy vs. 5. They Call Me Warrior
2. I Am Man vs. 7. I Kill for Pleasure
3. I Got All Day vs. 6. Don’t Stop Believing
For the League:
1. Reaper Crew vs. 4. High Noon
2. Order of the Phoenix vs. 3. Brodown Showdown
Here are some thoughts on week 10:
  1. The trade deadline is Nov. 23 at noon. So only another week and a half for any trades.
  2. Ogbonnaya proved me wrong against a horrid Rams run defense. He had a solid outing, and with Hillis ruled out for week 11, he’ll get another shot.
  3. Ryan Mathews was once again mediocre. He still seems to be hurt, and with Tolbert getting plenty of carries, Mathews’ value stays hurt for the time being.
  4. Julio Jones followed a mega game in week 9 with less than one point in week 10 due to an injury suffered in practice over the week. He should be back next week, but I’m not expecting more of the week 9 Julio.
  5. For the second straight week, Vick has his worst fantasy game of the season and reportedly broke his ribs. He may miss time, but I imagine the Eagles will want him back soon, especially since they face the Giants this week.
  6.  I went 6-6 in my picks this week thanks to some upsets. I felt good about my game of the week picks since both ended up as close games.
Check back Thursday for the week 11 preview.

Week 9 Review

With week 9 in the books, we are officially 9/16ths of the way through the season. As abnormal as this offseason was, the fantasy season has remained the same. There have been heartbreaks, there have been upsets, there have been crazy week, and there have been Sundays where JJ forgot to set his lineup. In the many ups and downs of a fantasy season, there has been one consistency this year, Bush’s dominance in the race for the owner belt. So far the standings are:

  1. Bush 5650.18
  2. Jacob 5191.84
  3. Corey 4967.68
  4. Colton 4771.46
  5. Wilrd 4691.82
  6. JJ 4521.6
Although the margin was decreased in week 9, Bush still holds a solid lead over the second place owner, and still is on pace for the most playoff entries with 4.
Here are my thoughts on week 9:
  1. Since this is obviously the most prevalent thought on my mind, I will address it first. Vick was halted by the Bears D last night and managed less than 10 fantasy points for the first time with the Eagles in a game that he has finished. The Bears had him contained in the pocket most of the night, and the Eagles play calling only helped that by using Vick mostly as a pocket passer with only 3 designed runs.
  2. Chris Ogbonnaya is terrible. With Hillis possibly out more time, and even suspected to go to the IR, Ogbonnaya will get his shot, but he proved last week that there was a reason he didn’t make the team in Houston. Cleveland also has Thomas Clayton, a four year NFL veteran with 17 total yards, so it will be interesting to see if they get him more involved. Either way, I’m staying away.
  3. Willis McGahee seemed to do okay with only one hand, much to Corey’s dismay as he was benched in both leagues since the Broncos listed him as questionable. There was nothing questionable about his performance against the Raiders as McGahee rushed for 163 yards and 2 td. With Tebow as the starter (however long that lasts), I see McGahee as a top 12 RB and UGA alum Knowshon Moreno as a no show.
  4. I really hope the Colts trade Peyton Manning if they go 0-16. Them takingcLuck and benching him to “learn” behind Manning for 4-5 years is my worst nightmare.
  5. Don’t Stop Believing scored 125 points, in large part due to Julio Jones’ monster game, on a week they were missing most of their starters due to bye or injuries. While I do not think that is the norm from Julio, I do think this team is a very good playoff team once McFadden, Andre, and Best return.
  6. I said to a few people early in the season that I thought Bush would win the belt, and I am sticking to that prediction, but it is nice to see that it is going to be at least some semblance of a competition so that the playoffs matter.
  7. The trade deadline for both leagues is Wednesday November 23 at noon, so if you’re unhappy with your team, you have two weeks from tomorrow to fix that.
  8. After going 6-6 in my picks in week 8, I went 8-4 this week. My worst pick of the week was taking Warrior over Loser. Silly me. Honorable mention to Don’t Stop Believing here as they overcome the once feared Black Guy defense.
Check here Thursday for the weekly matchups preview.

Week 8 Review

Week 8 is over, which means we are halfway through this magical fantasy football season. At this point, the race is shaping up for the owner belt, and with the trading deadline of November 23, the teams are almost in their final form. Here are this week’s owner standings.

  1. Bush  5128.8
  2. Corey 4581.84
  3. Jacob 4370.4
  4. Colton 4209.28
  5. Wilrd 4167.7
  6. JJ 4100.48
As you can see, thanks to a dominating lead in the records category and a solid lead in points, Bush remains at the top for the eighth week in a row. At this point, I see it as a one person race and it is Bush’s to lose. Bush is on pace to have all 4 teams in the playoffs, and is the only owner on this pace so that increases his odds in the playoff category. Bush will have a tough time not finishing strong this season with the way his rosters have been playing.
Week 8 Quick Hits
  • With a Montario Hardesty injury, Peyton Hillis will have an opportunity to come back in a big way next week after missing most of October with a hamstring injury. But thanks to the injury, Chris Ogbonnaya should be a waiver pickup this week, on the off chance he starts for Cleveland in week 9.
  • After 6 solid weeks, we may have written off last year’s injury prone Ryan Mathews. With an injury in his second straight game, I’m afraid this may just be Ryan Mathews. Tolbert should be back from injury this week after missing the game at KC, and if Mathews out Tolbert is a great play.
  • After some solid trades, I Kill for Pleasure is one of the teams on the way up. With Fred Davis coming out strong and looking like a top 5 TE, and solid performances from a strong RB duo in S Jax and MJD, this team should continue to improve.
  • After starting the season very strong, Don’t Stop Believing has seen a decline the past few weeks. With Stafford having some off weeks, Andre Johnson missing time, and recent injuries to Best, Ingram, and McFadden, I think this team still has time to improve when those players return healthy.
Weekly Matchups Preview in Review
After going 8-4 in week 7, I went 6-6 this week. What was I thinking taking Loser in the upset over Black Guy? First, we all know Wilrd’s teams play stellar defense and this week is no exception as Black Guy continues its reign as the team who has allowed the least points this year, accounting for a 7-1 record. White Power let me down, scoring a meager 41.5 against Scorgasms when I projected a 11 point victory by White Power. I blame that on Thomas and Ingram injuries that I hadn’t accounted for on Tuesday, and JJ not picking up a replacement defense or kicker. I know it’s hard to let go of that 22nd ranked Falcons D, JJ, but you’re letting me down here man. My most successful, and self-motivated pick of the week was taking The Order of the Phoenix over Lazy Frogs in a battle of solid teams. Great Success.
Check back here on Thursday for the weekly matchups preview.